[Course Forum] Hebrew Vocab with Sentences by ozunadan

I am happy to announce that I am making my Hebrew course live.*

Hebrew Vocab with Sentences

A brief introduction to the method used in this course.

Organization: The deck is broken into levels that are meant to be consumed in-full, as part of a weekly schedule.

Example sequence:
W1 Part 1
W1 Part 2
W1 Part 3

Vocabulary is consolidated into specific vocabulary levels, appearing regularly-spaced in the deck. They contain the words found in the levels, but no sentences.

W6 Part 1
W6 Part 2
W6 Part 3
Vocab W1-W6
W7 Part 1…

Where a word is inflected, or has conjugation information added, I use a specific syntax. Words not appearing in the target language are glossed inside parenthesis.

Example: (he, she, it) writes

Additional denotations in a translation of a word are separated by semicolon, while related denotations are separated by comma.

Example: to read, to study; to learn

Aspect and tense information is appended after to the word’s translation in a parenthesis gloss.

Example: (he, she, it) is writing (present active indefinite)

A word’s root is specified using the syntax `root ______’ in parenthesis.

Example: (they (m or f pl)) entered (root נכנס)

Questions for nouns are annotated with parenthesis to indicate the gender is expected in the answer. Type of the gender in roman alphabets after the correct spelling of the word. E.g.,

Question: the state()
Answer: המדינה f

Audio: Most of the learnables have audio. Sometimes there is no audio, although this is a rare scenario and we we will try to fill the gap at some point.

In our courses, we strongly encourage typing as it greatly enhances the learning process and counter-balances fatigue from possibly over-doing only one type of exercise.

Most of the levels will adjust to a review-pace setting of 5 words-per-session, but there is no harm in increasing this setting in your user preferences.

We look forward to hearing from you about your learning experience and suggestions.
Happy studying.

*We are still developing the course, but it is frequently updated. Note your feedback or report bugs in this thread.