[Course Forum] Hebrew from Scratch II by Shaku91

Please post here your notes, suggestions, mistakes found, etc.

(I’m not the course creator, but since I’m named as a contributor, I might as well use my powers for good)

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Hi there,
I just noticed how in Level 4 it says “קודםת” with a sofit mem instead of a normal “מ”.
That’s all and thank you very much

Fixed :slight_smile:

So in Level 6 it says “נוגעת” in feminine form instead of נוגע, masculine like the other verbs.

Thanks good bye

Hello Shaku91,
in Chapter 2, the hebrew word for “hell” is not correct.
The last letter was mistyped: גיהינות
Correct is: גיהינום
I hope, you are still online. Your last post is 2016.
Thank you
Best regards


I just checked and it appears correctly written in the course database. Maybe it was a visual mem which had the mistake?

BTW Shaku is MIA, I’m apparently handling the course lol.

OMG Just saw this, fixed.

Hi EriannMX,

sorry for wrong adressing. I misunderstood, who drives the forum and the course. :wink:

I have not yet used memos (I have just started, need to become familiar with all features.) Here is a screenshot of the chapter:

I hope, you can see it.

Thank you for your work.
Have a nice day.

I triple checked, and it appears correctly:

Did you download the course to use it offline? Changes don’t appear reflected if you do that. You need to delete the course (not your enrollment, only the offline version) and redownload it.

Could you check if this is the case?

Dear EriannMX,

I had no offline version, I was always online.
As a trial I have logged-out, closed the app, then restarted and logged-in. As to expect, continued on the same status, the word was not corrected.

Just I have downloaded the offline version, but here too the mistype is still present.

Can you retrace, if there was this mistake in the past, which was corrected? I have registered long time ago (I guess at least 2 years ago) and have began with a test version of this course for free. Now I have continued with subscription to get full access. Should I delete all my activities and re-start all, to get the latest version of the course?



If you restart I fear you will do all learnt words from scratch. Usually when I had that problem it got fixed as I told you before.

I seriously I’m at a loss, because the database only has that entry and it is in the proper ortography :S

Hi EriannMX,

thank you for your activities.
Maybe I will restart anyway. If so, I will give you a response.


Hi EriannMX,

up to now I have not yet restarted.
Today I have updated the app. Now I am using version 3.2.25

Another mispelling I have found in chapter 3.

The “ע” in לשפוע.

The question now is, if you can find it in the database.



Lol… I found the mistake, is not our course. It’s you! You are in another course, which is similarly named hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Our course is this one: Hebrew from Scratch II COMPLETE - by shaku91 - Memrise

No mistakes there :wink:

Otherwise, you’ll need to get in touch with your course’s creator to actually fix the mistakes in his course.

(For reference, you are in this OTHER course - Hebrew From Scratch II - by isaiahclark33 - Memrise)

Hi EriannMX,

indeed I am lost for words. This was the last what I have expected.
But now all ist clear. Thank you.

Best regards


Hi, this course has no audio, may I supply it to you?

Great idea
Go for it ,please