[Course Forum] Hebrew from Scratch I by EriannMX

(Eriann Mx) #1

Please post here your notes, suggestions, mistakes found, etc.

(Gabriel Jarovsky3) #2

Problem with words, even correct are marked as wrong… Exame the word “Aten” in Hebrew. Check print

(Eriann Mx) #4

There were indeed some mistakes with some words due to some left over nikuds that I didn’t see, and that I have corrected in the past days. If you have this as an offline course, delete the course and redownload, that should fix it.

Also, update the course, as pointed above, now and then, as I’m currently in the process of recording the pronunciations with a native speaker (one unit per day is my target, currently in Unit VII).

Finally looking at that picture, I don’t think this Aten is from my course as the original word has Fem (Aten) as part of the answer, and then Voces (Fem) as the translation. I think you got this from a Portuguese - Hebrew course, not mine.

Edit: Confirmed, this isn’t from my course, rather from the “Hebraico Moderno Basico” course, where you are a participant, you aren’t even enrolled in mine XD

(מאו Mao) #5

Dear Eriann,
first of all, thank you very much for the efforts that u did creating your courses!!
I would like to help you recording the audio for this course and for the Hebrew from Scratch II.

If you are interested, contact me please by mail (mao.roma@hotmail.it).

(Little Bug80) #6

I noticed that feminine is spelled femenine troughout the course.

(Aaron Solbach) #7

Hi and thanks for your great course!
I have a problem in Chapter 4 (Unit 15): The infinitive לחפש and its present tense מחפש have the same audio (both sound like present tense).

(Irmadusq) #8

Hello, thank you for this great course! I wanted to ask if it would be possible to get my hand on the audio files, I would very much like to fork and translate this course for Czech speakers. :slight_smile:

(Simon Périgny19) #9

I’m confused…

Lesson 12 (named Chapter 2):
למשל is “For Example (D)”
לדוגמא is “For Example (M)”

What do the “D” and “M” stand for?

(Eriann Mx) #10

LeDugma - D - with Daled
LeMashal - M - with Mem.

They are synonims, so I just wanted to give a clue of which one you need to recall.

(Eriann Mx) #11

Sorry, I recorded directly into Memrise, I don’t have files per se. But the database should have it.

(Eriann Mx) #12

Spanglish typo :s will fix (eventually…)

(Simon Périgny19) #13

Thank you very much, @EriannMX!

(Hellohebrew) #14

Thank you for the great course! I noticed that the last 10 chapters don’t have audio, however, so that is a bit of a shame. Do you know how we could fix that? I would love to help if possible, the audio really helped me :blush:

(Eriann Mx) #15

The speaker is my spouse, but we are currently living in different countries (work related :P). Once we get back together (and I finish with my French basics) I will get back to recording everything with him.