[Course Forum] Hebrew Course "Alphabet: Symbols and pronunciation" by Norberto

##[Alphabet: Symbols and pronunciation] (http://www.memrise.com/course/52953/alphabet-symbols-and-pronunciation/) :heavy_check_mark:
Learn in a pleasant way the symbols (block and cursive letters) and pronunciation of the Hebrew alphabet. Test your knowledge by reading simple expressions, that you can use when you meet people who speak Hebrew. I wish you great fun. Here the link to the course

What do you think about this course?


Good course!

Because of the cursive letters, which I found difficult to learn.

_(Maybe I am suffering on something called cursive dyslexia) emphasized text _:unamused:

And good audio

Great course, toda Norberto for the contribution!

Thank you!

Thank you redux2

link to the course?

You find the link in the title “Alphabet:Symbols and pronunciation” on the top of this forum or here
Enjoy the course. Goodbye

Wonderful apps. Good starting point for beginner. Thanks.

Thanks you for the Feedback

I would say this is a great course!
Love it!

Thank You very much

Wonderful course, I have no Hebrew experience at all and this introduction to the alphabet and phonetic learning module was critical in getting me started. My only concern is that the inclusion of the cursive letters was/is very difficult for me as I was only first learning. I might suggest making the cursive module a separate course to prevent confusing beginners.

Thanks for your advice. I want the student to decide by himself how far he wants to go. But I will follow your advice. I am not thinking to build another course but I will inform the student that another section of the course will start. Thanks. Norberto

Shalom! Toda, Norberto! Loved the course. Great for learning and reviewing for long term memory. I am taking Hebrew classes and your course is helping me a lot!

I’m very happy for you. Wish you all the best. Thank you.


Thank you for the course. Great way to cement what we’ve learned. I just have a couple of questions.

Why is it that you do not differentiate letters like bet, kaf, pe with the dot (dagesh kal) and vet, khaf, fe without the dot? Also shin and sin. However, the distinction is made in the alphabet song?

Also, why call the final letters final kaf, final nun etc instead of using sofit? After all we are learning Hebrew and those are their Hebrew names. The other Hebrew courses do this. I just want to understand your philosophy behind this.

Thanks so much. Enjoying your course. Hope to finish it soon.


Hello Dennis, thank you for your feedback.
I’m always happy to hear that my course helps people.

About your questions:

I prefer to keep the course as simple as possible, so I mentioned the
difference between letters with and without the dots only in the card of
each letter. There’s the different placement of the dots and the different
pronunciation of the letters.

The same is for the hebrew word „sofit“. I had prefer to use the english
word „final“ because it’s more understandable for beginners. But I will add
the meaning of the word „sofit“ in my course.

I hope I was clear in explaining my reasons. Thanks again for your feedback.

All the best


I prefer to keep the course as simple as possible

Shalom Norberto ! Baruch HaShem Adonai!

My username is Yerachmeel and I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed learning and studying your Hebrew Course. It gives me the edge because I am learning the Hebrew Language under my Rabbi every week so I just wanted to Thank You for a wonderful introductory coursse.
BRAVO, WELL DONE!! I now move on to simple reading of Hebrew. Keep up the good work.

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I’m finding this course really useful. Thanks for all of the work which went into it. I have a couple of ideas which could make it better.

  1. I’m a primary school teacher and so I trained to use phonics to teach the English alphabet to children. We practise by showing them the letter and asking them to say the sound. I think that would be a really useful function. Without a microphone option, I don’t think that could work on memrise, but perhaps there could be something with typing the sound in the English alphabet.
  2. It would be great if the vowel sounds were included too. I know they’re only used in children’s books in Israel, but it would be helpful to be able to read them.
  3. The letters coming up to press on when typing a letter name is too much of a clue, especially as the first letter is in CAPs.
    Thanks again for the amazing course :slight_smile:

The course is great! Thank you! :slight_smile: