[Course Forum] Harry Potter book 1 vocab in Swedish

This course forum is for reporting errors encountered in the Swedish vocabulary course for Harry Potter book 1 (Harry Potter och de vises sten). Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

Först och främst: jag älskar din kurs, tack så jättemycket :slight_smile:

On level 4 you have a few perfect participles:
glömt = forgotten
dolt = concealed, hidden

They are not necessarily wrong, but they are either adverbs in this form “forgottenly” and “concealedly” or adjectives in neuter form. Usually adjectives are given in their first form, so to say, the common form. It would be glömd and dold instead in this case.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I have changed those two entries to the common adjective form and updated the audio accordingly. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions - I really appreciate it!

I’m glad you are enjoying the course. :slight_smile:


Well, that was quick :slight_smile:

I’ll keep my eyes open – especially as this course is really darling to me. It’s quite hard to find a course that’s not completely beginner once again, and is carefully curated. (And had you not posted about it here, I’d have never found it, sadly. So yay.)


On level 5: fjärrmanövrera = remote control (adjective)

I think this is actually a verb: ‘to control remotely’, the adjective should be fjärrmanövrerad.

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Thanks, you’re right! I have changed it to fjärrmanövrerad and I will update the audio soon.

Typo on level 3: “a blot of lightning” instead of bolt.

corrected! Thanks for catching that! :slight_smile:

The audio for “fasan” is wrong (I can’t find the lever right now, it came up in review – I usually have audio turned off) but you should be able to locate it from the database.

What it says is “en fasan”, the bird (pheasant): faSAN. What the English translation is asking for is the definite form of ‘en fasa’, FASan.

Thanks for pointing that out. I will use the indefinite form since forvo seems to have the audio for that. Let me know if there are still issues.


I don’t know how you are fixed for $$$, but for only 19 SEK per month, you can subscribe to www.ord.se “engelska plus” online dictionary which also offers good-quality audio MP3 files that you can easily download. Sometimes the audio quality on forvo is not so good, although if you request a new pronunciation, you usually get one pretty quickly.

I have been using it to add audio to the four-part course, 8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words.

Just for your information.

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Thank you for the advice! I will seriously consider subscribing.

Forvo has been such an amazing resource. I am shy about requesting another pronunciation for this particular word because I am not quite sure how to indicate which pronunciation I want for “fasan.” One of the audio clips for fasan already has the two pronunciations in the same recording (pheasant, the horror) so technically the one I want is already there, but for the purposes of the course I would want it pronounced alone. I guess I could gather the courage to message one of the editors and explain the issue. :slight_smile:

A guy called “pernys32” - i.e. named “Per” something or other on forvo - has always been very helpful and uploaded a new translation straight away.

“fasan” - as pheasant - is on ord.se so you might want to try out the subscription.

Update: This course now covers the entire book! I am going through and refining entries, but I always appreciate corrections and suggestions.

I plan to make another literature course (this time with a book originally written in Swedish) but I haven’t settled on which book. Right now I am having trouble deciding between Män som hatar kvinnor, a book of medieval ballads, or Ronja Rövardotter (Astrid Lindgren). If any one has advice on which would be more useful or interesting for learners, or has another suggestion entirely, please share!


BRILLIANT!!! That is a real labour of love <3

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Tough call since they’ll all have specific argot - mystery and crime; medieval; medieval again for Ronja haha (and harpies!). I think if you end up doing Ronja or Män you’ll either way have a popular course due to the best-selling nature of those authors.

oh, I suppose the biggest question you can ask yourself is how much time you want to spend because there’s a significant page difference.


I should also mention a hearty congrats. You’ve been editing this course for what? two, three years? And you stuck with it. Skål!


Thank you! Yes, it must be two years at least! Once I resolved to do it, I just couldn’t give up.

I will go with the Ronja book then. Shorter sounds better at this point. :slight_smile: I probably should avoid undertaking another years-long project (though my pace at course creation picked up considerably at the end, it was only a matter of having enough time and a competent computer).


I’m having a minor problem in level 9: utom räckhåll is only accepted as correct if I add a space at the end.

And many thanks for this course!

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@miaomiaopurr must have accidentally added in an extra space. It will only stop doing that if she checks it and removes the space, I think.