[Course Forum] Hardest and easiest about learning Finnish

What is the hardest thing you have run into in learning the language and what is the easiest thing about learning the language?

For me, the easiest is the gender neutrality. Not having to memorize the genders of hundreds of words is a relief. Another easy concepts is just adding letters to the ends of words to give them more meaning, such as kylpyhuoneessa. What is complicated is that there are many rules to remember when studying each of those add-on’s because it doesn’t always mean one translation depending on the rest of the sentence. In that way it is difficult and takes practice.

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Yes, having no genders is definitely an easy part. I also find the pronunciation easy. And the locative cases - they are nicely organized, at least when used in location-related meanings (their other uses might be less clear).

What I find complicated is consonant gradation and other changes in word roots that you need to look out for all the time.

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