[Course Forum] Hāfestre 1

Title: Hāfestre 1

Description: Hāfestre is a constructed language based on Japanese and French. It is a spoken language in the context of the Uploaded Fairy continuity, but is closer to a literary language.

The name is derived from Hāfu and Semestre, denoting the ethnic demographic that “Parlez-Vous Hāfetre”.

Suggested prerequisites: French 1-4, Japanese 0-3, and maybe Portuguese 1-4 depending on how this language evolved.

Sample Poetry


Note: Some of the words will only be fleshed out in Hāfestre 2-4 ( and more if it really expands. )

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Presently writing some poetry for the conlang, but it may take a time to estimate linguistic collision that turns French and Japanese words into Nihoncaise. Some of my readers seem to think it reads a little like Portuguese. I’m not sure why, I haven’t taken that language long enough to know why for certainty:

La ponpieru amovo oirtteru kohi ga hoshi renslita da rita.
Manger en du pan de vie.
Mecirigato la Flic poniurto des pan,
    Mecirigato poniurto l'orenji eso l'banane.

Just to give a rough idea.

Also one more example poem: https://medium.com/@aluenvey/la-pesacho-be-1fa188b6549c

Now going to focus on some short stories.

Just as an aside, yes Japanese has pronunciation rules that different from romance languages. But please, don’t lecture the language creator on word pronunciation. If there is a question on how things are pronounced: please assume the French pronunciation.

A lot of the reason I created this language is to circumvent authoritarian imperialist grammar rules like that. If there are specific pronunciation rules, I’ll let you know in the pronunciation column.

Added some new lessons: Titles, Common First Names, Common Last Names, a few other things, also include plural pronouns in Anatomy and Clothes. Now going to work on Plural pronouns for everything else.

It’s actually the plural pronouns that make it so much different from standard French. Such pronouns don’t generally exist in Japanese.

Now for a test: What is the plural pronoun for jupes deshire?

Is it currently possible to have the course test only on the phonetic spelling? I’m thinking of keeping the written language as it is, and make a new course based entirely of the phonetics, which is pronounced more like the Japanese base:

Ex. Juh Vah Noo Vah Lay Koo

But broken down into syllables or easier song adaptation.

Going to take this version of the course to unlisted, and do something closer to the handbook. That might mean there will end up being some differences.

Updated the handbook so that’s easier to learn. Now instead of combining words, French words are formal, and Japanese words are informal.