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(⊂◉‿◉つ) #299

Partially yes but it normally means the parcle however it means “the show” if used in a sentence like: eine interessante Sendung im TV

Does this help?

(Amanda Norrsken) #300

Are you still the German expert for these courses? Can this entry be improved?


Absolutely not! Does it really say “the emission” as a translation for “die Sendung”??? That is certainly not one of the most common translations. As mentioned below by @MarshallLanguages, the two most common translations would be:

  1. a (TV) show; 2. a parcel, a package

“eine interessante Sendung darüber im Fernsehen” = an interesting show about that on TV;
“Wir haben Ihre Sendung erhalten” = we have received your parcel / package

(Mario2189) #301

actually, @linh.vu is now the German Language Specialist here at Memrise. She will
have a look, thanks for flagging this!

(Amanda Norrsken) #302

I thought I remembered you saying that you were doing something different now, but I wasn’t sure …

(Alter8) #303

Thanks. I remember this now with the help of “The Sendung mit der Maus”

(Amanda Norrsken) #304

Such a great show! I must see if I can find some old shows on YouTube!

(Alter8) #305

So, I’m close to finishing German 3 and it is becoming quite clear that A LOT of words required for A1 are not included in German 1 to German 3. I was under the impression that German 1 to German 3 is sufficient to cover A1 vocab (A1/A2 French, German and Spanish courses converted to A1=1,2,3 / A2=4,5,6,7). If German 1-3 does not cover A1 than what is the purpose of these courses? It’s not like they are filled with context and provide grammar information. This is very disappointing and I do hope I’m wrong about this somehow.

My source for A1 words is from here: http://www.goethe.de/lrn/prf/pro/hdb/Pruefungsziele_Testbeschreibung_A1_SD1.pdf


(Amanda Norrsken) #306

The “old” memrise courses for German tried to explain the grammar a little bit - I know, because I was one of the users who tried to add mems and extra grammar explanations and so on, but then they abandoned those courses and started new ones.

(Linh Vu) #307

Hi @MarshallLanguages,

thanks for the feedback, you’re right! I’ve changed the translation to “the show; the delivery”, with show as the first translation, as the sentence we use it in talks about a show.

Thanks and happy learning! Linh

(Otis) #308

I’m confused by the course search on the memrise website for desktop browsers.
I see four German 1 courses published by memrise.

German 1 (19 levels) (811k learners)
German 1 (13 levels) (433k learners)
German 1 (19 levels) (24.5k learners)
German 1 (15 levels) (5.4k learners)

What is the difference between these courses?

(Lewisoneill) #309

I’d like to flag what I think may be a mistake. In German 1 Level 9, “das Rindfleisch” is “the pork” and “das Schweinefleisch” is “the beef”. These are swapped?

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #310

A topic HAS been posted on this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon

(Linh Vu) #311

Hi @lewisoneill,

thanks for flagging this, it’s indeed been swapped! It has been changed now. Thanks again!

Happy learning! Linh

(Lewisoneill) #312

Thank you Linh! It’s wonderful getting such a fast response.

Sorry to have another one for you so soon, but in German 1 Level 8, the order of the English translation could be swapped to match the German, i.e., “eat in or take away?” would become “take away or eat in?” so you don’t get it wrong when you translate “zum Mitnehmen oder zum hier Essen?” in the same order.


(Lewisoneill) #313

Also in German 1 Level 7, in English it has numerals ‘30’ when it should be ‘32’.

Am I posting these to the right place or is there somewhere better for corrections like these?



(⊂◉‿◉つ) #314

You are posting in the right place :wink:

(Linh Vu) #315

Hi @lewisoneill,

yes, here’s the right place to flag issues like these. For the previous point, I’ve now added “zum hier Essen oder zum Mitnehmen” as an alternative, so you should be able to tap both.

The number “zweiunddreißig” is now a proper 32 (even a number would like to be younger than it actually is).

Thanks again for flagging!

(Lewisoneill) #316


Um… I have another. I’m seriously not trying to be annoying lol.

If “was wollt ihr machen?” and “was macht ihr gern?” could have plurals in brackets in the English? (German 1 Level 6) Just to be consistent with the other words, because when it’s not specified singular is assumed?


(Lewisoneill) #317



(Linh Vu) #318

No worries, we’re happy about feedback! I’ve now added (plural) as extra information to the English translation for the first level where “ihr” and “euch” appears. In later levels, it’s mainly translated as “you guys” now, but we’re also hoping that through enough exposure, at some point it should be clear that if you see “ihr”, the plural “you” is meant and that there doesn’t need to be extra information added to the translation.

Hope this is helping!