[Course Forum] German 1-7 by Memrise


(Lelovics) #219

Sie mag keinen Tee UND keinen Kaffee
She doesn’t like tea OR coffee -> AND


Sie mag keinen Tee UND keinen Kaffee. -> ODER
She doesn’t like tea OR coffee.

(Mario2189) #220

Thanks for flagging this. It does read a bit odd, but I think in English using “or” instead of “and” here is actually the better solution. I’ll think a good solution and let you guys on the forum know.

(Mario2189) #221

Thanks for getting in touch. This has been a problem for a while now, so today one of our developers is working on a fix, so that you won’t be wrong in audio tests for this anymore. It should be fixed very soon. Make sure to log out and back in again in a bit to see the changes.

(Hans Wt) #222

Hello, quick question as I originally found the G1 --> G# course, then found the A1 and A2 courses.

I am currently doing both the G and the A1. Is the A1 & A2 the originals before the G series were developed? The A series is buggy… listening exercises often have the same answer for all 3 choices.

I figure more is better, and I use other resources also, but should I stop using the A series if the G series is the A series replacement?

Thoughts, thanks!

(Mario2189) #223

Hey there,
all of the mentioned courses are our old German Memrise courses, we have since published official
courses German, these are just called “German 1, German 2, etc.”, here are the links:

Maybe have a look at these and see how you like them!?
Best wishes,


(Hans Wt) #224

@mario2189 dankeschön.

Yes, these are the same courses I referred to as “G1 --> G#” that you provided the links to of the [official] German 1 thru German 7.

PS I’m using both simultaneously… that is once I catch up to where I am in the G-series with the A1 series. Personally, I like more information present in the older official course, than what has been removed in the newer version.


(Hans Wt) #225

Is there any reason why German 4, Level 11 - Sports feels like it is just a “throwaway” or half-completed lesson? All the other lessons feel like they are well thought out, this one is “just there”.

Genders absent on the nouns, nouns that appear they could be verbs (Boxen) and no examples of usage. I don’t know that this is 100% correct, but I have seen elsewhere… “Basketball spielen” = to play basketball.

I would also expect to see “der Ball” at a minimum, as I do not recall that being in the course previously. Some other sporting equipment, sports related nouns, etc.

Does this come later in German 5

(Mario2189) #226

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, this level admittedly seems a bit odd. However, sports are usually given without articles (and thus, genders are absent) in German. There are some example sentences in the subsequent level 12 using Badminton and “Basketball spielen”. “der Ball” is indeed missing unfortunately, but it is the same word in English and German, thus it should be quite straightforward. We are indeed aware of the shortcomings in our content and have been working hard to update it internally. We will soon release an updated course content, more info coming soon.
Best wishes,

(Hans Wt) #227

Thanks Mario!

der Ball would be a quick and simple addition to this course at the beginning of G4 that would go a long way… that is if hopefully learners have learned by now articles/genders carry over per the last word of combined/compound words in German. :blush:

(Stuart Patrick Mcfadden41) #228

ARGHHHHH !! WTF ich bin sehr mude! warum?
Why do you ask ‘Grandma’ ? When you mean grandmother?
Formal and informal is TOO important with languages.
Always if you put oma you want grossmutter if you put grossmutter you want oma !!
This is becoming tiresome with your site!!

(Sir Cemloud) #229

I guess you mean on the official Memrise German course ?

Is that correct ? Because there are other German courses managed by users, can you confirm please

(Amanda Norrsken) #230

I can understand that you are frustrated, but it would be more helpful to mention which course you are using and to also offer a solution, which you do, indirectly, I suppose …

die Oma - the grandma, the granny (informal)
die Großmutter - the grandmother (formal)


Any chance of making this change as suggested by me so that learners of this course (I am betting it is one of the German 1-7 courses) get less frustrated?

(Stuart Patrick Mcfadden41) #231

At the moment I am taking German 3 and A1 German having completed German 1 & 2
I also notice the ’ der Milchkaffe und der Caffe Latte’ problem …and yes you are right these little things are frustrating to new learners.
I have already stopped using Duolingo and Vocabulix because of these things.
I am grateful for the free knowledge I receive and understand I am just a ‘bit’ of information in a viral system.
So thank you very much for your human support.

(Sir Cemloud) #232

I moved your thread to the existing subject for the Memrise official course.

(Hans Wt) #233

Having done similar to you, going through A1 (A series) simultaneously with the G1-7 series, I can say it doubles up your “work load” while not providing much greater learning. The A series were the basis for the G-series, so no longer are supported for corrections (if needed), and Memrise currently has a updated series to replace the G-series in the works. If you want/need additional practice in an area of the G-series, you can likely find a “longer” section/level of the A-series to compliment it (you don’t have to go through every level starting at the beginning to unlock higher levels - such is the case with Duolingo).

If you don’t want to give up Duo entirely, there are also these two courses to “supplement” it…

Both of which are supported by community members…

(Mario2189) #234

also @stuart-patrick_mcfad thanks for your feedback. However, this is NOT any of our official Memrise German courses, since none of them contains the items “die Oma” or “der Opa”. They have already been noted as future additions, but we haven’t updated our courses yet. I have however changed the English translations for “Großmutter” and “Großvater” from “grandma” and “grandpa” to “grandmother” and “grandfather” to avoid any confusion. Hope this helps? Best wishes,

(Cleinias) #235

Can anyone tell me how many levels are in German 4?

I see 10, but they are numbered from 1 to 13: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, 13.

In other words, levels number 2, 4, and 6 seem to be missing.
Can anyone clarify?

(Amanda Norrsken) #236

Tut mir leid!

(Mario2189) #237

Hi there,

German 4 contains 3 grammar chats altogether, which are levels 2, 4, and 6. It has
13 levels in total, but these chats are not showing as numbers on the surface.
Sorry about the confusion!

Best wishes,

(Cleinias) #238

Thanks. Now it’s clear. I guess something similar happens with German 5 (and most likely all the other levels), which show 20 levels with numbers up to 23. 3 levels must be grammar bots