[Course Forum] German 1-7 by Memrise

Well, maybe this is an Android bug. I just tried the course on the web version, and I was able to get the course to accept null and it’s response of zero;0.

The word Null doesn’t appear above the English definition. It also doesn’t appear in the answer box to choose from when you must choose from several boxes. It just has one blank box and several wrong answer boxes. And when you click on the blank box it says that is the correct answer. It should say the word Null in that box.

I would suggest you report this as an Android bug in the Memrise course called “German 1” on Level 7. Hopefully they will rectify the situation soon.

(It might also be an iOS bug, but someone might want to verify that. It was however, okay in the web version).

Thanks, will do.

In answer to your other question about course names appearing in the app. You are correct. They will appear on the top bar of your screen before you go into a course. In this example it says “German 1”. Other courses will have somewhat longer or more descriptive names. Memrise just settled on a very simple naming convention for their courses, with short titles. Good luck with your studies !

I have already highlighted this problem in the German course of Memrise in French, it is also in the English one obviously.

So I will edit this title to refer to these courses that do not have a course forum yet.

Hi! Same thing happened in other courses, not made by memrise. Like “vene keele kursus”. Whenever the answer was ‘null’ it was blanck in app but visible when editing a course

German 2 - Level 4
It says sechszehn for 16, but it should be sechzehn.

German 2 - Level 12

It would be nice if you can change pants to underwear for die Unterhose. It is very confusing for me. I’m always finding myself putting die Hose instead of die Unterhose.

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@strasse: Unterhose is not underwear. Unter - hose = under - pants , briefs, knickers, eventually panties. (The memrise translation is colloquial)

Underwear ist Unterwäsche, Wäsche, Unter(be)kleidung

(I don’t understand why Memrise keeps pushing ephemerical colloquialism/slang as “standard” language - see the discussions about Memrise’s Japanese and Korean courses as well.)

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Well, where I live. Briefs, boxers, panties, thongs, boyshorts, etc. are all considered underwear.


I’m not seeing a difference really.

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how very interesting… wikipedia…

did your read my post? in German underwear is… and under-pants is…

I thought is about the German word for underwear in general … are your aware that underwear might refer to other pieces of clothing as well? (or maybe where you live people don’t know that? it might be. If wikipedia does not tell you… it does not exist, or?).

Hi Strasse,

look at the German Wikipedia :relaxed:

you searched underwear and wiki shows the underpants article.

"The page “Unterwäsche” does not exist " in english wiki

In Level 22 (“The Native Community”) of the course German 7, there is an error in gender for one word. “The property” is written as “der Eigentum,” but the audio says “das Eigentum.” I believe it should be “das,” as the audio says, since it comes from Latin. I was taught that Latin words are neuter and several dictionaries support me on this word.

Yes, “der Eigentum” is definitely wrong, “das Eigentum” is correct.


There is a course forum for German 1-7

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Thanks, I moved this thread to the relevant forum!

@GabrieleCramer-Knebe @musicalstardrop My German colleague Mario will look into it asap @mario2189

Much appreciated!

(I thought this thread was for German 1 Level 7, as the original poster stated in the seventh post, which is why I created a different thread for German 7 (Level 22). Now I see that someone put a couple of German 2 questions here too, so I’ll use this from now on! I’m new to all of this…)

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Tiny typo in German 7 Level 27: the definition for “der Blick” has “the glace” (which actually is in Merriam Webster as a word apparently!) instead of “the glance.”