[Course Forum] Fula Mido Waawi Pular by Haemdi

Hi there,
Wonderfull site & courses to help learning languages.
I’m learning Pular with a few friends (and we used the “miɗo waawi pular” book too !
Memorise is still a great tool to help learning. I spread to some friends already!
Haemdi has been spending quite some times to produce this ! THANKS !
We would like to get in touch to improve some part of the course like:
Pular characters ɓ Ɓ ɗ Ɗ ñ Ñ ƴ Ƴ ɲ Ɲ I noted some words are misspelled in the course.
Some mistake too like Oo’o is No and not bye !
Others misspelling like jabs instead of jaabi.

So how to contact he course owner ?
How to suggest correction ?
How to help in translating in french ?

Why not creat the Pular course in the african language section ?
Then i noted the site is in English… what are your plan to translate in french ?
Could we help ?
Thanks for your good Job !

Unfortunately there is no guarantee you will be able to contact the course creator. Memrise has eliminated the old method and it seems most people do not know about this new system yet. I hope, as I imagine many must do, that there will be some better method introduced in the future.

For now you will have to see who created the course, or is listed as a contributor, and see if they are active on this forum. The easiest way to do this is to click on the three horizontal lines in the shape of a square to the left of your user name in the blue area on the top right side of this page. Then click on the blue link with the word Users once there you can type in the filter by user name text entry box.

The standard method for using this forum for courses is to search for your course under the Language Quarters category for the name of your course with the tag [Course Forum] in the title in front of the course name. If you don’t find it, apparently you are supposed to create one yourself and hope the course creator or contributors will eventually show up in the forum.

There has been several threads created on the topic. If you are interested:


Thanks for your comments & help.
Too bad I do not see that user in the forum … but as I understand he might be under another user…

Then I guess I was unclear for the “classification” I meant the course was not in african languages category. But it can be found by searching. The fact is that some miss it.
I more worried for the mistakes in the course itself…

Aloha! I sent Haemdi an email to invite him/her to this thread.

Indeed I noted there was no guarantee… Thanks for your help too.

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Sorry it’s me again… Just to let you know that when I quoted you it was
not a … how to you say a reproach or so. It was just to mention that I
get a advice & I did what you suggested. It was a way to acknowledge your
help too. Sorry if my english embarrassed you.
I did appreciate your help ! :wink:

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@Chris_Marquet2 is now a contributor. Many thanks for your help @Chris_Marquet2

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THANKS to you ! we started working on it !

And I got a issue already… i wanted to insert the pular characters… ɓƁ ɗƊ… but though i can type then in the field (after ticking the box) i can not save… weird… ??? any tips ?

A good day to you and enjoy your squirrels ! :wink:

Hi haemdi I saw you scoring on pular course… any chance to get in touch?

Haemdi bonjour cmt ca va ? tu as créé un cours Futa toro ! super !!!
pourrais-tu utiliser les caractères pulars comme ɓ Ɓ ɗ Ɗ ƴ ƴ Ƴ … sinon les personnes vont apprendre de mauvais mots et auront des difficultés pr la prononciations.
Si tu as un soucis dis le moi stp ! je pourrais t’aider.
Si Alla jaɓii !

hey Chris, I am new here and really would like to learn fula… But I can´t find the course… may you can help me?
thanks a lot, Jasmin

Hi @JassEl85 and welcome to the forum!

I have absolutely no idea what Fula is, but it seems that there are two courses:

Note that, if you’re using the app, you will have to add them on the web and start learning there before they appear in the app. Pull down in the course overview / course list if the newly added course doesn’t appear.

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Hi Olaf, thanks a lot!!! I really appreciate this fast help :wink: it´s an african language :slight_smile:

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Hey Chris, have you been able to get in touch with the creator? I would like to start adding audio files to this course to help aid in pronunciation. I have a native language tutor that is willing to help me with this process. Any Idea how I can become a contributor? I was just going to start from scratch but thought that would be crazy if we can continue to build off of this base… Thanks!

Hi just read your email out of my spam. Very sorry for that. Still on project to improve? We can see how to do that.

Lo Jasmin, sorry for that “delay” … I just saw your msg in my spam which I do not check enough… obviously ! how do you manage now ? how can help you further ? There 3 course EN/FUla But there are more in FR/FULA. Pls be aware that it is rather Pular guinea, south of senegal gambia, sirloin rather than pulaar north of senegal, mauritanie, … Enjoy ! and let me know how it goes. I’m curious to know why you learn fula too!