[Course Forum] FSI Amharic Basic Course with audio (units 4-9) by thea_m

This is the course forum for FSI Amharic Basic Course with audio (units 4-9). I have used Gaelainn’s course (https://www.memrise.com/course/346737/fsi-amharic-basic-course/), who had already converted the Latin transcriptions to Fidal, and added the gemination marks and audio files.

The textbook and audio files can be downloaded here:

Please let me know about any mistakes or inconsistencies, I will be happy to correct them! I hope that I will eventually be able to add the vocabulary and audio from the remaining units, but this probably will not be anytime soon. I would of course be happy for any contributors to this course :slight_smile:


What about audio?

What do you mean? :slight_smile:

FSI recorded audio for these terms, some other courses in Memrise feature these audio samples alongside the translation.

Yes, so does this course (at least for me it seems to work)…can’t you hear the audio?

Oh sorry, It wasn’t like that when I started learning this course, it looks better now, thanks.

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Please let me know if you find any mistakes or would like to contribute to the course

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Yes! I’d love to contribute to the course! I also built a Ge’ez course for Hebrew speakers, I’m not an expert but I can help convert from FSI to this course (Either text or cutting audio).

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Thank you for adding more levels with audio! It is much appreciated.