[Course Forum] FSI Amharic Basic Course by Gaelainn

Here is the course forum for my FSI Amharic Basic Course.


Wow, this is awesome!
I know there’s some other course based on the FSI, he also added sounds from http://www.iu.edu/~celtie/amharic_a400.html

Is there a chance of adding sound to this amazing course? Can I offer to help with it?

thank you for creating this great course! It must have taken you an impressive amount of time to convert the transcriptions of the book into fidal!
Because I find it very helpful to be aware of the geminations while studying I started copying many of your items (the basic sentences of each unit) into a private course and added gemination marks as well as sound files. Would you mind if I made this course public? I think that especially the audio would be useful for many other learners as well.

I have decided to make my private course, where I added the gemination marks and audio to your course, public, because I believe it could be beneficial to people:

Please let me know it you would prefer me to turn it private again.
Thanks again for your work!

Here you can find the Fidel origin of the course:

The downside: It’s handwritten.