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typo: bètawetenschappen is plural, therefore the exact scienceS


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Fixed that. Bedankt.

hi, the pronunciation for essentiëel is terrible, sounds more like rio de janeiro instead of amsterdam The right one is this: https://de.forvo.com/word/essentiëel/#nl

(i’ve personally learned essentiëel and not essentieel for essential, but my uni rotterdam courses are some 15 years ago)

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I added the other pronounciation. I’m not really sure if one is better than the other in the sense that one is ABN and the other is not. To me, both seem to be still acceptable. Keep in mind that the tiny Dutch community has an astonishing variety in pronounciation.

My guess is that essentiëel (or essentiël where the ë seems to be clearly useful) is an old spelling. I don’t really know. Essentieel doesn’t really need the ë in order to pronounce it correctly.

it does make a difference in pronunciation… and, you father can tell you, there used to be and still exists some sort of standard pronunciation. An accepted accent would be the “Limburg” parlance, but what that youg man is saying is a pure brazilian accent - at first I thought is some Surinam or Indonesian accent, but ckecked meanwhile with my Dutch-Indo-Thai and he was genuinely confused… as for the “Biodutch” in my family, they definitely say the second option (the second voice on forvo)

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I probably shouldn’t say that :speak_no_evil: , but I always considered (genuine) Limburgs more of a joke than an intelligible accent. :smile: Well. I can’t really tell. The diversity of accents and dialects both in the Netherlands and Belgium is a conundrum when you consider the small area and uniform topography. Is there a Dutch native in this forum that could shed some light on both spelling and pronounciation of this particular word? BTW: Found yet another (harder, more “German”, less Belgian - I’d say northeastern) pronounciation: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/essentieel#Pronunciation And yet another one: https://youtu.be/DitU_X9LZEk

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Is correct. :ok_hand:

Schrijf bij drie of meer klinkertekens geen trema na de -i-.

Voorbeelden: essentieel, keien, uitzaaien, dieet.

Motivatie en zelfvertrouwen zijn van essentieel belang voor iemands competentie.

Dit is essentieel voor een goede werking van het pompsysteem.

Verbogen vorm: gedweeë, essentiële.

Vanaf 1 januari 1998 mogen alleen verpakkingen op de markt gebracht worden die voldoen aan de essentiële eisen.

Natuurlijke ingrediënten die we heel vaak aantreffen in verzorgingsproducten zijn etherische of essentiële oliën.

Veel succes! :wink:

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Helemaal bedankt.

En hoe spreek je het woordje uit?

  1. https://nl.forvo.com/word/essentieel/#nl
  2. https://nl.forvo.com/word/essentiëel/#nl
  3. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/essentieel#Pronunciation1
  4. https://youtu.be/DitU_X9LZEk

Ik denk dat zijn alles gebruikelijke varianten in Nederland of België. Ik weet niet precies wat de uitspraak in Standaardnederlands zou zijn - misschien #3.

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Beste @Robert-Alexander,

Nummer 3 geeft bij mij een foutmelding.

Nummer 1 heeft mijn voorkeur bij de overige uitspraken.

Nummer 4 vind ik de slechtste uitspraak.

Toch zijn ze allemaal goed te volgen voor Nederlandstaligen.

Veel studieplezier!

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i’ve asked for a pronunciation on forvo for “database”:

Nice. Forvo is quick. I added the sound file to the course. I also kept the existing TTS generated soundfile - not too bad after all. Thx for your feedback and help.

(the tts has a big disadvantage: only one type of dutch pronun., that one of the final sounds of a word missing, the second one being that the voice is too high, which i find completely disrupting/annoying)

btw, why is the forum marked as “solved”???

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Yeah. TTS ain’t perfect but still OK. Complaining about the pitch is a bit misogynist, don’t you think? Poor little robot can’t be blamed for it’s voice.

Missing word endings: that’s a widespread Dutch habit that is mirrored by this TTS engine. I actually think TTS does a quite good job here. There are worse speech synthesizers. I’d consider dropping or shortening many word endings - plural verb ending “en” in particular - pretty much standard Dutch. There are however Dutch speakers that pronounce the endings somewhat more noticeably. Maybe people drop endings more likely in less formal situations-can’t really tell. Ask a native! :smile: I’ll keep the TTS where it’s not entirely wrong and where no superior alternative is available. Like in this case. TTS pronounciation is actually quite rare in this course-most audio comes from Forvo.

It’s not the entire thread that is marked as solved, is it? Isn’t it just that one answer that was accepted as a feasible solution? Don’t know. I’ll check. I just wanted to test this new feature. Appearently I don’t understand how this option works. Will look it up and maybe eventually remove this check box.

da gibt es auch eine neue Aussprache für “signaal”

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Super Danke.
Habe “steekhoudend” eingebaut und bisherige Aussprache entfernt. Bei “signaal” habe ich die Variante eingebaut.

ondervangen: http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/vertaal/NL/EN/ondervangen

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added this definition. seems to be more accurate

https://forvo.com/search/bezighouden/ ;

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Done :white_check_mark: Added the new files :card_file_box: Thx :candy: