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French word “disponible” translated to russian as «свободный». «Свободный» in russian is “libre” and “disponible” in russian means “незанятый» rather than “свободный». It causes misunderstood. Please fix “disponible” translation for russian speaking users.


I have put your three separate posts into this sub-forum, French for Speakers of Russian.

It would make sense if you posted any further suggestions here, too.

Thanks for taking the time to mention these problems, I am sure it will be very helpful to other users when they are fixed. I will try to find out who the responsible members of the memrise team are for Russian and French and tag them.

(PS I am just a regular memrise user, doing a bit of forum housekeeping, I am not a member of the memrise staff).

Here’s another post:

“C’est à moi de juger” - I guess that phrase translated wrong into Russian. French Course Level 6 for Russian users.

Hello! Translations mistakes in Level 7.

«proprieté» - should be translated as “собственность» instead of “недвижимость».

«l’utilite” - should be translated as “польза» instead of “применять».

«libérer” - should be translated as “освободить» instead of “запускать».

“La grande surface” - should be translated as “супермаркет».

«le tableau” - should be translated as “картина» instead of “живопись».

“Se transformer en” - should be “превратиться» or «стать», instead of “трансформировать».

@Masha_Ignatova48 - I thought you were the Russian specialist, too? Can you have a look at the things posted here?

@fanny_sta - Can you have a look at these problems?

@GUZMANIO: I hope someone has a look at these things soon.

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Hi Amanda,

Nope, it’s Pavel @pasha75 who is responsible for the Russian courses.


Thanks very much for the information, let’s hope that @pasha75 will take a look at these suggestions soon!

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Hi Amanda,

Thank you so much for your comments and sorry for the slow reply. We have reviewed the mentioned items and implemented the changes into the course. Best of luck, Pasha

Слово habiter во втором уровне не совсем корректно переведено. Жить (быть живым) - это vivre, а habiter - это жить (где-то), обитать, проживать.
@pavel70 @pasha75
Пожалуйста, рассмотрите уточнение перевода.

@GUZMANIO, спасибо за сообщение. Перевод исправлен.
Всего наилучшего. Павел.


У меня не исправилось. Удалял курс и заново добавлял. Так же перезапустил приложение. @pavel70

@GUZMANIO, чтобы увидеть изменения, нужно выйти из приложения и залогиниться снова.

Помогло. Спасибо!

Добрый день! 7 курс, 11 уровень: la methode de resolution - это способ решения, а не решение проблемы. Например: Méthodes de resolution des equations differentielles lineaires. @pavel70