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(ramajana) #63

It is same for “mon” - my…

And… it is still not working, and I did log out and in again.

@Guillaume_Jaskula Thanks for explaining the “accent” thing and capital letters :slight_smile:

(Guillaume Jaskula) #64

Hello again!

This is strange. I tried this morning and it was working both for mon and ton. Can you please let me know what type of device you’re using and the version of the system you have?
Just to make sure, you are presented with your and you input ton and then press “check”, and it doesn’t accept it, right?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(ramajana) #65

I just typed only “mon” for my and it says wrong.

It was same for “ton” and your.

I guess it expects me to type (te;tes) or (me;mes) too, but that is just… tiresome.

I use htc ONE M8, Android version 6.0?! I am not very knowledgeable about these things.

Thank you @Guillaume_Jaskula

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #66

I can confirm. It does not accept mon or ton but only ton (ta; tes) and mon (ma; mes). The new thing is that now it accepts tes and mes. Still does not accept mon or ma or ton or ta.

I’m using ASUS ZenFone2, with latest system update and latest app update.

(Guillaume Jaskula) #67

Hello again!

I just checked and it seems to be Android-specific. Our best engineers are working on it now. I’ll let you know as soon as it is fixed.

Thanks a lot.

(Maxine Downunder) #68

Merci beaucoup @Guillaume_Jaskula.

(Chiew Pang) #69

A1 French Level 14 Je n’ai pas d’oeufs. No audio.

(A User) #70

“Je n’ai pas d’oeufs” Shouldn’t that be “Je n’ai pas des oeufs” anyway, since “oeufs” is plural?

(Guillaume Jaskula) #71

Bonjour !
Thanks for spotting that. Unfortunately we don’t maintain the A1 course any longer, our new official Memrise courses 1 to 7 are ready for you with audio for every item. And you can even have access to videos we collected in France for you!

(Guillaume Jaskula) #72

Bonjour !

No, the right way of saying is je n’ai pas d’œufs because of the negation here. If it were positive it would be j’ai des œufs.

Keep learning with us!

(A User) #73

Bonjour ! I should know that by know… I do know that… Clearly my brain is not as good at remembering French as it is a remembering other random facts… Merci beaucoup !

(ramajana) #74

French 2, level 8

Should there be “this is my brother” or “il est mon frère” ?

At this moment that entry is not consistent with other examples in this level, IMHO.

Thank you for your hard work @Guillaume_Jaskula

(A User) #75

@ramajana It shouldn’t be “il est mon frère” because “il est + modified noun” has to change to “c’est + modified noun”. So “c’est mon frère” is correct, both for “he is my brother” and “this is my brother”. But I would agree that it should be changed to “this is my brother” for consistency.

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #76

Hi! In Russian they fixed it. In French it still only accepts tes and mes. If you hear ton or mon and you type it it’s totally wrong (red), if you type in ta or ma it is partially correct (yellow) and tes/mes are correct (green). (This is about memrise app)

ma and ta not accepted at all (red) in browser-memrise; only ton, tes and mon, mes are accepted (green)

(ramajana) #77

When taking memrise course in French, I had to type words and sentences, and I noticed that while you have all these letters with accents lined up there isn’t button with “œ”. OK… my answer with “oe” was accepted, but still why not adding that character too?

(Guillaume Jaskula) #78

Hello Ramajana!

As we are reviewing and improving the course I am making sure all words that should be writing with œ are indeed and that the special button will appear. This is always a tricky one because even in France many people write it as “oe” as it is not readily available on normal keyboards.

Just a little more patience and in the meantime, you can use “oe”.

Thank you for your precious feedback!

(Kamikazementos) #80

I don’t know, if this is the correct forum, but I have a concern about the german French 1 course (Französisch 1).
For the words ‘comment’ and ‘comme’ the translations both state ‘wie’ with no further hint. You always have to guess, which one is meant with a 50/50 chance to be right.
Thank you in advance!

(Serge Knysh) #81


I’m about to finish the first official course of French (French 1 - Level 11)
The problem is with the last phrase I can’t get through

qu’est-ce que tu penses

Could you please fix that.
Merci beaucoup

Diacritical marks no longer included in tapping tests {French}
(Fla86) #82


I have a similar problem to the one of SergeKnysh. In French 3, level 4 (it is the French-Italian course, “Francese 3”), it is not possible to complete the level because of an error, as you can see hereunder.

The right sentence is “Est-ce que je peux vous poser une question?”

Could you please fix it? Thank you very much!


Diacritical marks no longer included in tapping tests {French}
(Swedeenz) #83

I’m having the same issue today. It started occuring on the all my French courses where it had previously not. Usually est-ce is joined together now est and ce are seperate and it’s causing issues.