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Hello, I found some errors in the French 2 - level 13:

  1. quelle andouille ! means What a fool !, but in the lesson, they put it as What a tool !.
  2. essaye de garder ton sang-froid means try to keep your cool, not try and keep your cool.
  3. tu as besoin d’une pause, toi ! means you need a break, not you could do with a break!

Please correct the errors. Thank you and good day.

In French 1

Ah bon” was said or “really?” was shown and I typed “ah bon?

and got it wrong as the French is “ah bon ?” with a space after the “bon” !!!.

"Is that really correct or your typo?

PS - perhaps you can globally set up alternatives - unless that’s how the French write it?

According to punctuation rules in French, there must be a space before a question mark.

Memrise tests are usually lenient concerning punctuation. I don’t know if in this case they are intentionally strict.

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Many thanks @dadatic. I think they are all written with a space (including an exclamation mark).

Personally I like that when writing or typing as it makes it more obvious.

Strangely I don’t think always happen and I can’t be sure if I enter without the “?” it seems to accept it but not “word?” only “word ?”

I am finding it very confusing in the early levels of French 1 that the video clips of negatives are not correct - presumably lazy slang.

All the speakers seem to miss out a word or two.

eg “Je ne sais pas” is reduced to “j’ai pas”.

Je ne comprends pas” is reduced to “Je comprends pas

I know it’s important to understand colloquial language and spell it correctly but a warning might help with each.

Thankfully the audio is very well spoken.

Cc @dadatic

It is a totally new official French course, not the one I started. The course French 1 started from scratch and with a bit different dictionary

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I get annoyed when you have to remember to put “…” to get the answer correct. That must be so irritating to absolute beginners, if you think you haven’t got it right, but you actually did, you just didn’t put the …

@DW7 That is how French people speak. They don’t just swallow their consonants, they swallow whole words! Or they will say the last few words in a sentence and expect you to know what they mean! English speakers do this too though, they mumble together the first few words or the last few words. If you’re a native speaker you can just guess the words they left out or mumbled, but it must be so frustrating to non native speakers.

The problem with Memrise is that they don’t explain things like this so it’s really not the best for absolute beginners. It’s probably best to learn French from other sources which explain the grammar and stuff like this well, and then come back to Memrise to learn new vocab.

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Yes I realise that and agree it’s the same in the UK. (On community courses where the answer is “it is” [etc] I add “it’s” as an alternative for the same reason.)

And I agree with you that it would be good to have that explanation or warning.

It is particularly hard when shown a video clip and we have to “type what you hear” but get it wrong if we do, as we should have known what he should have said.

Thankfully the audio is much better (correct) and perhaps we should be offered the full version in audio, not the slang when trying to answer those questions. :wink:

PS or perhaps offer us the chance to also hear the audio file like when one learns.

From now on Translation errors can be reported ► here

See ► this thread ◄ for further information:

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