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(Maxine Downunder) #267

This exact same error (Il va aller à un musée cet après-midi) is on A1 French, Level 70. It can can found here: https://www.memrise.com/course/691338/a1-french/70/?action=next
Thank you.

(Fanny Sta) #268

Hi @MaxineDownunder,

I’m afraid this is one of our old courses that we no longer support or curate. We encourage you to transition to our newer courses 1 or 2 of French for English speakers:


(Maxine Downunder) #269

Thanks for your quick reply. I completed that course long ago but as it is still existing I figure many are likely still doing it. I am doing (and enjoying) French 1, French 2, French 3 and French 4 - and as time permits will continue on with the later ones. Thank you again Fanny - I appreciate your quick response. Have a good day!

(Fanny Sta) #270

Thanks @MaxineDownunder,

If they hadn’t started the course when it was still published, they wouldn’t find it anymore. It’s only if you were learning it from then that you would still have it in your list :wink:

Good luck for the rest of the French courses, bonne continuation !


(Lurajane) #271

Whoa - @fanny_sta @MaxineDownunder

he’s going to go to a museum this afternoon

“á un” is NOT an error.

“au musée” is to the museum

I suggest that you change the French 4 course back to how it was.

(Fanny Sta) #272

Hi @lurajane,

You are right, it isn’t a grammatical error but it is less natural and common than au musée. The English translation now matches this version too :slight_smile:


(Ora9) #273

Just a question: was there ever, before these 1-7 courses, an official Memrise French A2 course, like the A1 here: https://www.memrise.com/course/691338/a1-french/ ? I was certain I saw the link for both in the forums previously, but now I saw someone saying in a general topic that there never was a French A2, so I’m a little confused, maybe I’ve confused it with German…?

If there was an A2 course, could someone post a link for it? Even with the less fancy pronunciation and some inaccuracies, I still think (from my experience with the German A1 and A2 and the French A1, as well as their new counterparts) that the old A1-A2 courses were way better…

(Lurajane) #274

This translation in French 5 for American English is completely wrong. “Break a leg!” and “Shit!” are not related exclamations.

(Fflorian) #275

It’s correct. In French, “Merde” literally means “shit”, but you can say “Merde !” to someone meaning “Break a leg!”

(Ora9) #276

In French 4, there is a pair with “education” in English and “les études” in French. While les études would more be something along the line of “studies”, I understand its use as “education” in the context of the exercise there, but could it be either altered for the individual word or at least the logical, literal translation of “l’éducation” added as an acceptable answer?

(Fflorian) #277

I don’t think it’s Memrise philosophy to add all possible alternative answers. Usually, they prefer to use more accurate definitions. The more so, “éducation” in French will rarely be used to mean “education”, except in some specific phrases like “Éducation nationnale”, or “éducation physique”. Generally, it means “upbringing”. And “les études” would be “the studies” as the plural of “l’étude”, but it’s also an independent plural noun without singular meaning “education”

(Gehumbale38) #278

There should be a way to report incorrect translations in the app. Now you can ignore a word and mark it as difficult. Some obvious mistakes would be corrected much faster.

In the French course for Swedish, baseball translates into basketball (basket) and la maladie to the hospital (sjukhuset).

(Fanny Sta) #279

Thank you @gehumbale for spotting these!

We are making the corrections now and you will be able to see them after logging out and in again from your account :slight_smile:

Best regards,

(Majikos) #280

I noticed the female speaker’s audio for “une semaine” is saying “un mois”

(ramajana) #281

In French 2, level 18 Time & Space it says that “demi” is half… but later it says “il est huit heures et demiE”…
Am I missing something? Is that mistake or it have to be demie?

(Fanny Sta) #282

Hi @ramajana,

Thank you for your question. In this case, the adjective demi agrees in gender with the noun that precedes it, here heure which is feminine, hence the -e at the end.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:


(ramajana) #283

French 3, level 3.
Every time I learn new words at the end i get this screen.

(Fanny Sta) #284

Thanks for reporting this @ramajana! Our team of devs are fixing this bug as we speak. I will get back to you as soon as we’ve got the solution.


(Nicolalaidlawcnp57) #285

Does anyone know if the French course continues after level 7. I am currently doing this level but do not see an option at the end to start Level 8. Thanks

(Fanny Sta) #286

Hey @nicolalaidlawcnp57,

Congrats for being on course 7 by the way! It is indeed the last course of the series, but we have just released brand new Course 1 and Course 2 if you want to give them a try. They have more videos, they have grammar lessons and they teach more natural language. If they are words that you have already learned, you can click on ‘ignore’ (through the 3 dots under the flower or on the list of words when you click on the planet) so you don’t do things twice.

Kind regards,