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(Cx999) #247

Bonjour @fanny_sta,

I’ve come across an audio error in French 3, Level 27 – “Exploration”. The female speaker says tu dois montrer twice when saying tu dois montrer ton passeport à l’aéroport.

And a minor quibble in Level 26 – “Phrases: Sound like a Native”. The term merry Christmas! translates to joyeux Noël (without an exclamation point). I think the exclamation point should be removed from the English term or one should be added to the French term, to make them consistent with each other.

Merci de votre attention :slight_smile:

(Fanny Sta) #248

Thank you @CX999,

We’re fixing the audio asap and have also amended merry Christmas! / joyeux Noël !.



(Baite) #249

@errarehumanum found an issue with a certain entry of French 1. We’ll be very grateful if the course creator can help.

(Fanny Sta) #250

Hi @John_Baite and @errarehumanum,

The sentence le café est délicieux would be the coffee is delicious, while c’est stresses out that it is coffee in general that is delicious.

I hope this helps.



(Baite) #251

Thank you, I was wrong and have updated the other threat.

(Fanny Sta) #252

Oh thank you @John_Baite :slight_smile:

(ramajana) #253

This video is not working. It just stay frozen… Desktop version, French 1


(Fanny Sta) #254

Hi @ramajana,

Does the video play at all, as in, does it start and stop half-way, or it doesn’t start at all? Is it the 1st time that you see this video in the course so far?


(ramajana) #255

It doesn’t start at all. And yes this is the first time I saw this video. I play on desktop and android, but I believe I never saw this video.

(Fanny Sta) #256

Would you mind logging out and in again and see if it plays correctly ? I can also give you the right answer for this one if you want to continue your progress, if you’d rather.

(ramajana) #257

i logged out and back in and now i can not get to native speakers.

(ramajana) #258

Now I can go to native speakers, but I am not sure when I will get that question (video) with that guy again.


(Fanny Sta) #259

@ramajana, it should be working, but please let me know if you still have this issue and will look again.


(SasAe) #260
French 4

Hi, I just startet to use memrise. I have found an error in the French course 4.
Instead of
Il va aller à un musée cet après-midi.
it should be
Il va aller au musée cet après-midi.
Thx for correcting!

(Mikeneko23333) #261

Hi Lien, it is reveled a translation mistake in French 5 for Chinese learners. The word “l’Asie” is a noun, but in the existing translation there is “亚洲的” which is acually an adjective (there should be "亚洲” which is a noun).
And there is the same problem with the word “asiatique” which is an adjective, but in the existing translation there is “亚洲” which is acually a noun (there should be "亚洲的” which is an adjective).
Thank you.

(Lien) #262

Thanks for pointing this out, @Mikeneko23333

@yi.liu and @fanny_sta, do you mind having a look at the above?


Best wishes,


(Zwiers) #263

So I agree that “C’est au-dessus de toi” should be “it’s beyond you”. By the way, that is also what you hear our French teachers saying in “French 6/level 1”

But the french translation/text in that section still uses “C’est au-dessous de toi”, and that seems incorrect to me

(Yi Liu) #264

Thanks for flagging this! It’s been fixed now. If you log out and log in again, you should see the change :slight_smile:


(Fanny Sta) #265

Thanks @zwiers,

This has now been fixed. Sorry for the delay!



(Fanny Sta) #266

Thanks @Saskia_Aebi-Stcklin9,

This is now fixed :slight_smile: