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(Guillaume Jaskula) #185

I know this is not the best answer but if you use the tapping test (and not typing) you are offered options where only “tu” or “vous” are available. And even if both were provided, the verb form you’re given should help you.

The courses for the moment are made for tapping test for sentences. We are working on a better solution though.


(ramajana) #186

She doesn’t say any of that, but “nous avons hâte de vous voir”

French 4, lvl 9


(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #187

Can this video be altered? It is a bit weird. At first this woman says something about “tu t’apelles” (without sound) and then there’s pause and finally she says “génial” (with sound).

Haven’t searched for level. Just reviewing with natives

(Memrisesteph) #188

Hello Lien, I couldn’t figure out how to start a new thread, so I hope you don’t remind that I’m replying to your message here. I’ve just finished French 5 and have started French 6, and I’ve noticed that there is much less typing required in French 6, which is a bummer. Only by typing do I find out which accents or prepositions I tend to forget or misuse. It *is sort of a pain trying to remember when memrise chose tu versus vous or est-ce que versus inversion or aller+infinitive versus futur etc. etc., but overall, I would much rather deal with that than not be asked to type complex sentences at all. I would love to know if this was something Memrise did intentionally or if there are any plans to change it. Thank you so much in advance for any thoughts you might have!

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French 3, lvl 20 “tu dois montrer ton passeport à l’aéroport” you shoud check audio. Female voice says “tu dois montrer tu dois montrer ton passeport à l’aéroport”

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Hi, @Guillaume_Jaskula!
The system does not accept mon as correct answer for my.

I know there was this issue last year… noe it came for revision and I had forgotten to put in all those brackets and semicolon

by the way… if you do audio only… it says “mon” but you still have to write "mon (ma; mes) in nsome point

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Why does it say I need a full version. What is the full version?

(Oz Pingouin) #192

If I could just add to these comments … I’m just about to complete French 3 and I’ve noticed the course no longer requires me to type sentences. They are only reviewed as multiple choice or selecting from a group of words to form the sentence. The courses used ask for a complete French translation of an English sentence. I think this helped me learn better than having the answers already there.

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #193

Hi @OzPingouin! Have you read this?

On memrise official courses there are no typing tests on phrases longer than 15 characters

(Memrisesteph) #194

Hi @OzPingouin! You can use the script in the following thread to get typing tests back. For me it means all non-video multiple choice questions are replaced with typing questions (so it’s a crapload of typing), but it’s definitely preferable to no typing for longer than 15 characters (which is, pardon my French, total BS). Ok so in the thread, cooljingle gives the basic script, but then Mishamus gives a crucial edit. Let me know if you have any problems. [Userscript] Memrise all typing

(Oz Pingouin) #196

Thanks Atikker :slight_smile:

(Oz Pingouin) #197

Thanks memrisesteph. I haven’t a clue what to do with scripts. :blush: Any advice would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi @OzPingouin,

A good place to start is here. It’s the topic which memrisesteph linked to previously. It may look a bit daunting at first but I, too, had no previous experience of scripts and there are only a couple of steps to go through. If I can do it, anyone can! :grin: I can now switch the script on and off depending on whether I am doing a typing course that contains phrases (more than 15 characters) or a non-typing course.

To get started, click on the “Readme” link in cooljingle’s first post in that other topic and then install the relevant extension. I use Chrome so, for me, it was Tampermonkey. When that’s done, you should see a new button on the top right hand side of your toolbar. For Tampermonkey, it’s a black square with two white dots.

Next, go back to the “Memrise All Typing” instructions and install the script by clicking on the link provided. You’re nearly done! :sweat_smile:

Next, click on the new toolbar button and then choose “Dashboard”. You should see that the “Memrise All Typing” script has been added. It should say “Version 0.1.4”.

Yay! You’ve done it! :bow:

To turn the script on or off when you are learning/reviewing on Memrise, click on the toolbar button and then on “Enabled”. If the green tick is showing, it will be set to ‘all typing’. If the red cross is showing, the script is turned off.

Good luck! :persevere: :smiley:

Disabling Typing Tests
Not allowing typing questions
Can any teachers with groups help me please? Words learnt/in long term memory are better than points gained?
Not allowing typing questions
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I’m not entirely sure, but shouldn’t c’est au-dessus de toi be translated as it’s above / beyond you instead of it’s beneath you as it is now?

[Course Forum] Frans 1-7 French for Dutch speakers by Memrise
(Espiacent) #200

I remember in december I was asking about putting in alternative answers to items in the course that can have two different answers (like if it asks for „tu" or „vous"). Not allowing typing tests maybe fixed this problem but it also makes memrise quite useless. I don’t see the problem in simply adding alternative answers on the items in questions like in every good course created by the community.

(Petri Wilson72) #201

@alanh I did it, now I’ll have a look if it works properly. I am so clumpsy you know:slight_smile:

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To add to this thread, also, please, get rid of the rubber-necked French guy (assuming he is French) that says everything with his head drooped onto his shoulder. I am a guy and this still creeps me out. Uggghhhh. (Well, maybe it’s just me.) Thanks for a great course.

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I don’t usually hang around in this thread but it seems like you’re talking about the Japanese course, judging from the screenshot provided.

Since this is a thread for the French courses and talking about other courses will not be very helpful for fellow users here, would you like to join us at the Japanese thread? I will be happy to look into this for you.

Japanese course thread

(Pfstevenson32) #205

Oh, geez. Sorry. And yes, thank you!

(Swedeenz) #206

Just a quick question regarding level 10, French 6.

For the sentence - ‘The witness saw the suspect’ we’re forced to write ‘le témoin a vu le suspect’. Just find it a bit confusing considering we learn le témoin; la témoin, le suspect; la suspecte, but forced to use masculine when it comes to the sentences. Could the other possibilities be added ?