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Bonjour! I’m not sure where to go about reporting this so I thought I’d try the new forums. As the title states I have some missing words in my French A1 Level 73.

More specifically the phrases Il etait tres seduisant (He was very attractive), and Elle etait contente parce que l’homme etait tres seduisant (She was happy because the man was very attractive).

These 2 DO show up in my app version on my android, but when I practice on my desktop or laptop, they are missing and the lesson shows an incomplete, forcing my Learn New Words button to become useless as it just loops back to Level 73 even though I’ve complete up to Level 75 on my phone.

Everything else syncs just fine, It shows me having completed Level 74 and 75 on my desktop but the 73 is still incomplete because of those missing “words”. Any idea on how I may resolve this or what I may have done to cause this so that I may avoid doing it again?

Thank you in advance to this great community. I’ve learned a lot just from reading the forums.



Should be fixed now, can you check again and let me know if the issue’s still there?

You’ve nearly completed A1 French, I hope you’re enjoying it so far?
In response to valuable feedback from fellow learners, we recently updated and re-structured the A1 and A2 courses. They now come as smaller, more easily digestible 1 to 7 courses.
1-3 equate the former A1 course, 4-6 equate A2 level and 7 is at a B1 level. So once you have completed the A1 course you can jump straight into French 4!

Here they are, arranged in order of ease:

French 1: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098357/
French 2: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098358/
French 3: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098359/
French 4: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098360/
French 5: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098362/
French 6: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098363/
French 7: http://www.memrise.com/course/1098364/

Happy learning,



Hi, Lien

if you answered to the user, maybe can this thread go as “your” forum for the house-made French courses?


Sure, I’m more than happy to adopt this one and reply to other topics/questions/reports about our official courses.


Thank you Lien! It has indeed been fixed! I’m am absolutely enjoying the experience i’m getting from this course. TO be honest I’ve learned more here than I ever had in school. I like the way it’s structured and the how it creates a great foundation of basic words to build upon. I wasn’t aware that the A1 course was broken up. It’s exciting to know that there are more courses for me to indulge in after this. I very much appreciate your quick response to this matter.


@Lien, sorry to harras your again, but somebody from the memrise team should add the forum link in the course descriptions :grin: lots of work, I know, but… I cannot do it…


Hi ,

In the French course 5, Level “mine and yours”

Culotte is translated as trousers, which might be a bit misleading… I’ll always thought culotte means nickers or ladies underpants, anyway that’s the way I’ve heard french people use it.

correct me if I’m wrong

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mon rêve c’est de devenir musicien - it’s my dream to become a musician”

I’m wondering if you might change the english translation to “my dream is to become a musician”? It’s perfectly valid english and it would make it a lot easier to remember the word order while watering.

Thanks :wink:


French course 6, Level 10

il fera humide demain donc ils devront apporter leur imperméable
-it’ll be wet tomorrow so they’ll need their raincoats”

The english translation is slightly wrong., it should be - they must bring, they’ll have to bring or they’ll need to bring their raincoats.


I have tried getting in touch with Memrise, but thought I would use this forum. One very frustrating thing with the new courses is that it never states if the course wants you to use formal or informal version of the sentence. It would be fine if the courses used “vous” throughout, but it does not. I now have to remember if that specific sentence used “vous” or “tu”. If I use “tu” where it expected “vous” I get the answer wrong.

The best thing would be if Memrise would accept both. And if not, all the courses needs to be edited so the user knows if the answer should be formal or informal.

In many ways the A1 course is way better than the new French courses.


How, if I may ask?

On this forum, these staff members are somewhat active. You could try sending one of them a message or mentioning them like so @lien.

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There is an official thread near the top of the first page of this forum, and - according to the timestamps - was at the top of this forum when you posted this topic. I’m not sure why we need a duplicate thread, and there is no evidence you tried to use the official thread.

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I have added your topic to the existing topic about these courses, after seeing @JonathanPeele’s post.

Both Twitter and contact support form.

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I think the same, I hope they fix that soon

French 1; mon and ton are incorrect for ‘my’ and ‘your’. Why? I made a screenshot too but i don’t know how to add it hea. (I posted same problem somewhere else too, but I have not got an answer yet). I’m using android ASUS ZenFone and the latest update

Hello, I think there’s a typo here

“il a remarqué que le magasin d’éléctronique était fermé à midi” (Course 6 level 26)

There is an extra accent in “électronique”

So it should be
"il a remarqué que le magasin d’électronique était fermé à midi"

Thank you

Hello, I think there’s a typo here

“il a remarqué que le magasin d’éléctronique était fermé à midi” (Course 6 level 26)

There is an extra accent in “électronique”

So it should be
"il a remarqué que le magasin d’électronique était fermé à midi"

Thank you

Hi, the issue with ‘Mon (ma, mes)’ and 'ton (ta, tes) is a bug in the current version of the Android App when auto-detect is enabled.
It should accept the answer minus what’s in brackets as correct. Hopefully our developers can get it fixed asap!

Regarding the messages from @Bradipsiquia @w25x @starbuck667 : My French colleague Guillaume is looking into it.

Bonjour !

I just checked the course and as far as I can see culotte has been translated as ‘pants’. I understand this can be confusing as this is one of those words that mean different things on both sides of the ocean but our courses are based on British English, hence our choice of ‘pants’ over ‘knickers’ :slight_smile:
I hope this makes sense.

Let me know if you have any other questions :smile: