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In French 3 for Brazilian portuguese speakers lesson 24 le matin and la matineé have the same portuguese answer: a manhã(the morning) which makes it pretty difficult to answer correctly. I checked the english course and for la matineé the answer it gives is: the (late) morning, and for the Spanish speakers is: la (media) mañana for la matineé.

There is no idea of early, middle or late in “la matinée” (notice the correct spelling). “Le matin” refers to the period as a point in time, it is, so to say, a date inside a day. For instance if you translate “I go for a run in the morning” you can say “je vais courir le matin”, as you would say “je vais courir le premier août” (“I go for a run on the first of August”). “La matinée” is the content, the duration of “le matin”, and the same English sentence can be translated by “je vais courir dans la matinée”. So the choice only depends on the way you see things: “le matin”, a point in time, but that point is not exactly a point, it has a duration, and if you mean to insist on it you will say “la matinée”. The same applies to “le soir / la soirée”, “le jour / la journée”.

Hi,there are 2 expressions that seem to mean the same and I have to try to guess witch one is being asked:

le matin -> manhã
la matinée -> manhã

What should I do?

@HugoEsteves22, what course is this for? Can you please post a link?

Hi, french for brazilian portuguese

Okay. Is this course made by Memrise or a user?

Well, I don’t know… I use the app… How do I find it out?

I’m not sure where or if it says in the app who a course’s creator is, but I just looked at your profile, and it looks like your only taking courses that were created by Memrise, so they’ll need to go in and fix the issue.

@Lien, do you know who is in charge of the Memrise French courses?

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My French and Portuguese colleagues @fanny_sta and @IgCostaBR will be happy to help!


Hi @HugoEsteves22 and @VTsugik,

Thank you for your comments, and you are right, this can be confusing when it comes to choosing the correct answer. As @Yves_Codet has perfectly explained, the nuance lays in ‘matin’ representing a moment of the day and ‘matinée’ carrying the notion of duration in time.
Me and @IgCostaBR will be making a few changes in the course in order to include these explanations and make the options distinct in the multiple choice exercises.

I hope this will help!



Hey all!

Thanks @fanny_sta, @Lien and all users for letting me know about the issue! =)

I have fixed it by changing the ‘la matinée’ translation for ‘(duração ou fim da) manhã’ and keeping ‘le matin’ as ‘a manhã’. It should solve the problem of identical alternatives during tests.

Let me know in case you guys have any questions.




Thank you!


Hi there. I’ve noticed some inconsistencies in Francês 3, regarding the article in words like
la cuisine - uma cozinha
la chambre - um quarto
la salle de bains - um banheiro
le salon - uma sala de estar
la chambre d’ami - um quarto de hóspede
The definite articles “la/le” in french have as correspondents the definite articles “o/a” in portuguese, not the “um/uma”, that are indefinite articles. Is that a bug, an error or am I wrong about my interpratation? Thanx in advance.
Don’t know how to address the issue, please helpe @HugoEsteves22 and @fanny_sta.

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Hi @MaxSarmento,

Thank you for flagging this to us. Me and my colleague @IgCostaBR will work on amending the course accordingly, and we will keep you posted once done.

Kind regards,


Hi @MaxSarmento and @fanny_sta!

Thanks for raising these points. You were right, Max. There were some problems with the articles.
I’ve just fixed those and some other ones that I found in French 3 in PTBR.

In case you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks and enjoy Memrise! =)



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Hi, recently I have bought the Pro Version of the course and was trying all the features of it. But I had problems with the chatbot (Francês 1). After answering some of the questions, the next one was just with blank squares, making it impossible to use the chatbot. Is that a bug from the program? Or is something from my navigator or OS (I use Brave Web Browser on Ubuntu).