[Course Forum] Flowers (no typing) by UmiiGore

Please post your comments about this great flower course here:

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Hi @UmiiGore,

I see you have over 1 Million points and this is a fairly recent course, so I hope you are still active.

I really like your course and I’d like to offer some suggestions.


Hi @lien as @UmiiGore has not found this forum, I am not sure if they are still active or not.

Could you please contact her (?) or some other contributor, some time?

@albo2albo may already be a contributor (as he is the top all-time scorer on this course), so I will contact him (as I know him well).

(Otherwise I am happy to become a Contributor to this great course.)

Hi @DW7 - sorry, I’m not a contributor to this course, otherwise I would add you.

@Lien - over to you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying @albo2albo.

Hi @DW7,

As the creator appears to be no longer active on Memrise, I’ve made you a contributor.

Best wishes,


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Many thanks @Lien - I’ll do the easy bit first :wink: