[Course Forum] Flags of the World by CFT

Hello! Please use the following official thread for any comments, questions, corrections, suggestions, discussions or anything else for the Flags of the World Course :gb::cn::us::de::fr::ru:

This course will be undergoing some fairly major changes/upgrades over the next few months, with a reorganisation of the levels and expansion of the scope, to make it a truly monumental database of FLAGS :heart_eyes:. As such please point out any errors or additions that would enhance the course!

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A great looking course, @CFT. I’ve added it to my dashboard (and to my ‘to do list’).

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@CFT ~ good to see the Taiwanese flag in this course, even though we as a country are no longer recognized by the UN as being a “legitimate” region on the globe. I guess we are part of the other groups you included. Good for you !

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Hi CFT, on this course, you have Sapmi and Sami, I was wondering if they are 2 different places? it makes it hard to Learn/Review with them because they have the same flags

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Great course… I have used both the andriod version of the app and the iOS version… for the flags of the world course atleast there is a marked difference. The android version shows the memes for every one of the flags. But the iOS version fails to show it. Is there some setting that I’m missing or is it a bug with the iOS version of the app?

Hi @CFT,

Thanks for a great course. I’m really enjoying it but regularly have difficulty distinguishing between Romania (Lvl 1) and Chad (Lvl 5) when they come up for review individually. Today, they both came up for review in the same session, which underlined the issue:

When viewed side by side, you can notice a slight difference in the blue band but, of course, that’s not apparent when presented with them individually.

Could you consider adding a hint to these two items, maybe “Not Chad” / “Not Romania”?

Maybe for Monaco (Lvl 1) and Indonesia (Lvl 4), too?


I have notices this too, it just takes me a bit longer to get it but I usually get it.

the same with Monaco and Indonesia though these are a lot easier seeing as the Indonesian flag is a lot longer than the Monaco flag.

as well as Sapmi and Sami, their flags are identical, so I had to ignore one of them and just learn one, (but I can’t remember which one I ignored, so it is just as difficult :smile:

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Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for this course! I’ve really enjoyed it.

I wanted to mention a slight glitch I found though. Level 9: Sub-National Entities is a multi-media level but does not have anything in it. I have noticed this both on my computer and phone. When I finished the course, it says that I have one word left but when I try to learn new words it comes up with an error message. I’m wondering if maybe this empty level might be a part of that?

Just wanted to bring it to your attention! But once again, thanks for making it, it’s been fun!