[Course Forum] First 5000 Words of Spanish: Top Up #9

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The course covers short Spanish word sequences (mostly idiomatic) that are not already included in “First 5000 Words of Spanish” by xoviat or Top Up courses #1 through #8.

Several reputable beginner/intermediate texts, listed below, were consulted during the construction of the course. FULL AUDIO.

• Barron’s SAT Subject Test Spanish by Díaz (2015)
• REA SAT Subject Test Spanish by Hammitt & Gutierrez Mouat (2006)
• Cracking the SAT Spanish Subject Test by Pace (2014)
• Easy Learning Complete Spanish by Airlie (2016)
• SAT Subject Test Spanish, 2013-2014 by Springer (2013)
• 1001 Pitfalls in Spanish by Holt (2010)
• Spanish Conversation by Yates (2016)
• Spanish Verb Tenses by Richmond (2015)
• Easy Spanish Step-by-Step by Bregstein (2006)
• Advanced Spanish Vocabulary by Orta (2001)
• Spanish Demystified by Petrow (2011)
• 50 Ways to Improve your Spanish by Chambers (2010)

There appears to be an accent missing in the last word of: ¡qué idea más estupida!

Now fixed - thank you.

según el y yo is missing an accent on the él.

Now fixed - thank you.