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This course covers common movie/TV vocabulary that’s not already included in “First 5000 Words of Spanish” by xoviat, or Top Up courses #1 through #6. During course construction, I referred to the 6500 (approx.) dictionary forms contained in the first 15,000 words of the SUBTLEX-ESP subtitles frequency list. FULL AUDIO



El masajista is labeled as an adjective instead of a noun. There are a few part-of-speech errors like this throughout, but I remember this one particularly as it has tripped me up a few times. Again, thanks for putting these courses together.


I fixed that one, plus another dozen that I found - I’m guessing there could be one or two left to fix.

I also did the same for the Top Up #8 course.

Let me know if you spot any remaining errors or mislabeled items.

Small issue: “fiscalía” is feminine, so it should be “la fiscalía”.

Thanks, I’ve fixed the gender, improved the definition and replaced the audio clip.

Please let me know if you spot anything else that’s wrong or even suspicious.