[Course Forum] First 5000 Words of Spanish: Top Up #2 by ian_mn

Hi, I’ve changed the fiar definition per your suggestion - the item is now:

Level 6: fiar = to give credit, vouch for, guarantee

Both fiarse de and confiar en are included in Top Up #9, Levels 2, 5 and 7.
*[Course Forum] First 5000 Words of Spanish: Top Up #9

By the way, I only just came across your post - don’t know why I missed it earlier. Feel free to ping me with a reminder if I don’t respond within a few days.

‘hacer cola’ should be marked as a verb phrase instead of a verb. Thanks!

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The English word hygeinic should be hygienic

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Level 4: alcanzado=attained

I find this definition a bit confusing. It seems to me that conseguido or logrado could equally be correct.
Interestingly, according to the dictionaries, alcanzado can also mean penniless or lacking (LAm).

Thanks, I think you’re right. I’ve just changed the item to:

alcanzado = attained, reached (a…); broke (Lat Am); lacking (Lat Am)

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Just a minor change:
los viveres: foodstuffs, food supplies (not “los comestibles”)

should be los víveres with an accent.

Thank you - I’ve fixed it.

I don’t include accents when I’m reviewing items, so I would never have noticed this error. Fortunately, the audio clip sounds correct.

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I sincerely have appreciated this course for filling in vocabulary gaps and building fluency. Just as a matter of helping out, I´ve noticed that in Top Up 2, the word “la conveniencia” has the wrong pronunciation associated with it. This gets me every time I do the listening exercise for this word. Again, I sincerely love this series and appreciate all the work and attention to detail you have put into it.


Thanks for the comments.

Level 9: la conveniencia = convenience, usefulness

I just listened to the audio clip, and it sounds correct to me. I’m wondering if there’s something specific that you’re hearing that sounds wrong? Almost all the audio clips in this course use a Latin American accent, which means the second “c” in conveniencia is pronounced like an “s” - maybe that’s the issue?


Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I think I have figured out what is going on. You have two recordings of the word, one female and one male. The female pronunciation is correct, but the male is pronouncing the word “conferencia” or something that sounds like it. I really think I hear an “f” and an “r” in the pronunciation. Do me a favor and listen again, but as you said, it may be my ears. What my ears are expecting is the soundbite I have attached from a native Spain speaker. Anyway, your call. Your hearing is as good (or probably better – I’m almost 60 years old) as mine.

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(Attachment conveniencia.mp3 is missing)

Oops! Looks like my attachment was rejected. Here is the link in case you are interested:


Thanks for looking at this.

I actually uploaded the clip with the female voice earlier today, as I thought it sounded much clearer than the the male voice. I’ve now deleted the male-voice clip, leaving just the female one.

I would have used the forvo clip at the link you gave, but the clip doesn’t include the article so I decided not to.

If you notice anything else that looks wrong/suspicious in any of my courses, please let me know and I’ll make relevant changes. On average, I’m currently receiving comments/suggestions only about once a month, which is a light burden.


Thank you so much. I agree … I love Forvo, but they often leave out the article. Anyway, if I see anything that would be helpful, I will glad to send it your way. Thank you for listening. As I said before, I sincerely appreciate all the careful attention you have put toward this project. It is helping me immensely.

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