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The course covers common Spanish vocabulary that’s not already included in “First 5000 Words of Spanish” by xoviat, or Top Up courses #1 through #9. During course construction, I referred to the 6000 (approx.) dictionary forms included in the first 14,000 words of the Real Academia Española CREA frequency list. FULL AUDIO


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Hi there,

Random question for you on this course and the other smaller broken down versions of the 5000 words. Are these meant to be downloadable on the phone? I can never get them downloaded as it always fails?



Unfortunately, I don’t know why you’re not able to download these courses to your phone.

When I started making the Top Up courses, I wanted to match the format of the “broken down” version of xoviat’s 5000 course that had been created (as a set of ~750 word courses) by @BenWhately.

At that time (about 4 yrs ago) my understanding was that smaller courses would generally work better on hand-held devices, so I took that route.

Perhaps someone with some expertise in this area could comment or suggest a solution?

Hey. managed to actually get the top up courses downloaded! Just no luck with your 5000 one (most likely because it is too big) and even the smaller reformatted one by Ben aha (which is the one I would ideally like to use now). Are you able to download the reformatted but smaller ones by Ben?


Hi, sounds like you’re making some progress.

I just tried downloading the first Ben Whately 750 word course;

The download arrow (app, top right of screen with the course open) went green/rotating for about 1 min, then reverted to black - so I think the download to my phone should have been completed.

But when I then disabled the phone’s internet connection and tried to use the course, I got “No Network: You haven’t downloaded this course yet…” So I couldn’t get it to work either.

If it’s possible to download the Top Up #10 course (>1000 items) but the first Ben Whatley course (745 items) can’t be downloaded, it’s probably not a phone memory limitation issue. I’ve no idea what the issue might be.

Yeah. Glad Im not the only one. maybe its just bigger than the 1000 item one for some reason. mine always went half way round then got the error. So strange. Thanks for trying though mate! Just have to hope it gets fixed at some point. Will use your full course for now though when I have internet! Thanks for your hardwork

Hi. I am wondering if the definition of backspace key should be “la tecla de retroceso” rather than “la tecla retroceso.” Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for looking at this one - I’m not sure which is more common, but both versions appear to be in current use.

I’m copying this post to two native speakers of Spanish who have been very helpful in the past, and may be able to to suggest which version is more common or correct. Please could you guys comment?
@ivorbcn @Jone_Samsa

My references are:
Googled “tecla de retroceso” => 78,100 results
Googled ““tecla retroceso”” => 30,500 results

Hi! Do you mean for the computer? If it’s that is ”Tecla de retroceso” to delete stuff

Then, ”Tecla de Espacio” just for the Space Key

@ivorbcn - thanks for the comment. It is indeed the computer keyboard backspace key I’m referring to.

@checkermaster - thanks for flagging this up - I’ve changed the item to:

Level 10: la tecla de retroceso = backspace key

Thank you, Ian. One other correction: the entry for micro (Adj.) is tagged as a noun.

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la álgebra lineal should el álgebra lineal, right?

You are quite right. I’ve just changed it to:
TUx10_L03_01 - el álgebra lineal = linear algebra - Noun Phrase

It’s one of those damned feminine nouns that takes “el”. So I’ve changed it, thanks very much!

As you probably know, you’re one of only a couple of people to get this far in this series of courses - you’ve got some serious staying power!

I’ll let you know what else I see. I can’t thank you enough for putting these lists together. They are incredibly useful for the two or three of us crazy enough to do them all!

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