[Course Forum] First 1000 Words in Russian

New course, now complete. Currently @ 1,009 words.

Please post any comments, corrections, etc. for “First 1000 Words in Russian” here.

See: https://www.memrise.com/course/2132630/first-1000-words-in-russian/

Thank you for this! It’s very helpful.

Some things:
In Сад, гусеница plays the sound clip for мусорный ящик instead.

In Улица, труба is listed twice.

Some of the sound clips are really rough or hard to hear clearly, like птичье гнездо and гвоздь.

Thanks for reporting these issues. I’ve fixed гусеница and removed the duplicate труба. I’ve also replaced the sound clip for гвоздь. The sound clip for птичье гнездо may take a little longer to fix, my recording setup is not working right now so I’ve requested another pronunciation and hope to replace it soon. Please continue to report any issues you encounter.

The course has now been completed. Corrections will be made as notices are received.