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Course forum for Finnish grammar / 10,000 Sentences.
Course link: http://www.memrise.com/course/271676/finnish-grammar-10000-sentences/

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Wonderful course–how did you do it?

Thanks! Started it copying out of my grammar book. Then found a zip file of sentences from tatoeba and imported them. I’ve now added a bunch of word lists to the end, as I was getting annoyed at having so many different courses to water and wanted them all in one.


I hope you don’t mind that I set up the course forum. I did want to say thank you somewhere!:relaxed:

Hello! Could you please change the language direction of course no.35 “MSM” from english-finnish to finnish-english. I would like to practice typing the finnish sentences. You can change other levels as well but I need this level at the moment. Thanks.

Feedback: I got into trouble guessing eg. “cannot” or “can’t” in some of the sentences. Similarly some of the sentences for example had “Minä syön” and some just “syön”. I wasted my energy guessing if it was “Minä syön” or “Syön”. These were useless mistakes and it distracts you from enjoying the course. I know it’s time consuming but in the future try to maintain a standard language so these useless spelling mistakes doesn’t effect the learning. I suppose you understand.


Terve @Mapurintrams I hope your Finnish learning is going well. Changing a learning direction of a course or level would affect all people using the course. I think what you are looking for can be found in this thread:
Copy and personalize courses under Memrise How-To’s. In summary, you create your own personalized course by copying the levels you need. You need to install the Greasemonkey add-on (or extension) for your browser, then go to the link at github, where you can find the script to easily copy a level. Create an new course and use the bulk add under the Advanced button (you will see the button on the right under the delete when you show a level). Now you can change the learning direction. It doesn’t take very long and if you have any questions you can post them here or in the original thread.

Yes, I do understand about variations in responses. I would not call them mistakes since both are correct responses. It is a limitation of the Memrise system. It would be nice if their system was capable of recognizing variations, but that would require a lot more programming. I think that perfection in a crowdsourced system can probably only be achieved after an infinite amount of time. I’m not so far along in the course as you, so I haven’t encountered too many of these; perhaps you can contribute by noting the levels and posting them here.

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I think that basically the sentence levels don’t work well with the typing game, there’s far too many possible answers, even if the sentences were completely consistent in terms of pronoun use, there are different words that could be used to mean the same thing, and different word orders.I just do the multiple choice game for the sentences.

In addition to that I got all the sentences from a zip file, and there is no way I have time to go through all 20,000ish of them.

Hey James,

thanks for this amazing course! I really like it and can’t stop learning since I started :slight_smile:

I think there is a small typo in level 16

syötaneen it may be eaten

Could you correct syötaneen to syötäneen?

Thank you very much!
Best, Irena

Corrected! :slight_smile:

Kiitos! :slight_smile:

Does anyone experience technical problems with this course? I have been doing it for about half a year and everything went well until now. I had to log off and when I logged in it started acting weirdly. It is slow, it freezes, I have to wait eternity for the main menu ecc. It drives me crazy! I have several different courses and I have problems only with this one.I reinstalled Memrise but it didn’t help.

I finally arrived to real sentences and why are they translated from English to Finnish :(?! This doesn’t make any sense! I wanted to practise my Finnish spelling! Is it possible to change the direction? Thanks!

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You’ve already been told it’s frustrating to know if we need to start from the verb form or the pronoun subject. Also when the sentence starts with “you”, is it singular or plural. Otherwise very good

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So there is no possibility to change the direction? It sucks :frowning: this way I will practise English, not Finnish.

Hi, for all users who love this course but would like more freedom with the training direction etc.:
I started using the Memorion android app. Unlike the memrise android app, it can download most of the course for offline use (I made several attempts and it usually downloaded about 60 levels before failing - more than enough for years of practice). It lets you specify direction of testing and lets you choose from several test types (typing, multiple-choice; I like the “drawing” test, which means I can hand-write my answers: apparently, handwriting is scientifically proven to be more effective than just typing). Unluckily, it does not download the mems (if there are any) and your progress, so you may want to use it only for new items… It also lets you self-evaluate your answers, so using or not using a pronoun is no issue.

@jamesst87 I occasionally find items that either need correction or a more specific wording. There may be several such items a week. If you could grant me the right to edit the course, I could correct them directly. I know this will affect existing users, but hopefully in a positive way :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to change is a consistent use of pronouns (do not use them for 1st and 2nd person, always use them for 3rd person, mark you.sg vs. you.pl). Another option is to mark the pronoun in the English sentence by brackets if it is not used in the Finnish sentence, like this: “you buy -> sinä ostat” vs. “[you] buy -> ostat”.

Current corrections:

Level 20 Genitive in use:
Heidän täytyy ostaa silmälasit -> They have to buy eyeglasses (not “sunglasses”)
Heidän ei tarvitse ostaa silmälasit -> They don’t have to buy eyeglasses (not “the sunglasses”)

Level 21 Accusative in use:
Maalaan talon -> I paint the [whole] house. (the word “whole” does not appear in the Finnish sentence)
Juon oluen. -> I drink [one] beer.
Ostan television -> I buy [one] television.

Level 26 Instructive in use:
the note “(not adessive)” would make sense for multiple items in this lesson, because the two cases somewhat overlap in their use and the adessive would possibly be the more natural option, e.g.:
aamuin, illoin, öin -> in the morning, evening, night (not adessive)

Level 27:
Kirjassa on 100 sivua. -> The book has 100 pages. (There are 100 pages in the book.)

Level 32 Allative in use:
Laita kirja pöydälle. -> Put the book on the table. (not “pane”)
Lähden kaupungille. -> I’ll go to / I am leaving for the [down]town.

Level 34 Consonant gradation:
Virta on viisikymmentä metriä leveä. -> The stream is fifty meters wide. (“River” may also be “joki”; write out numbers on both sides; “leveä” is more obviously translated as “wide” than “in breadth”.)
Yritä vielä kerran. -> Try [it] once again.
Minäkin pidän englannista. -> I like English, too. (I too like English.)

In some cases, it would make sense to include a note that is always shown together with the English sentence but in smaller letters. This can be done by adding a third “column” to the course and adjusting some settings. Then the expressions in brackets should go to this third column rather than the “English” field. (Compare how I use that approach: https://decks.memrise.com/course/1843867/finnish-sententences-and-dictionary-definitions/)

Regarding this three sentences, I disagree. The word whole in fact does appear in the Finnish sentence, although somewhat implicitly. Please note the difference between Maalaan talon / Maalaan taloa, Juon oluen / Juon olutta, Ostan television / Ostan televisiota. If the object is in partitive case, the meaning is just different from accusative/genitive case. Hope you as a reader of this forum find this helpful.

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