[Course Forum] Estonian vocabulary by missgondolier

I have emailed the course creator to invite them to this thread. Hopefully she can join the conversation soon.

Erm, Estonian is actually not a slavic language.

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You’re very right, thanks for pointing this out! As we don’t have an Uralic category, I have made it to the ‘Other European’ section.

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Would it be possible to make a new section just for Estonian. I have at
least 3 more course forums coming. It would be really nice to post them
right there

Thank you!

hi @Lien or @MemriseMatty or anyone else !
could you please contact @missgondolier one nore time.
this course is quite big and lots of people are taking it

i’d like to offer help fixibg some errors and adding audio…it would be good to learn things right in the first place,

cider = siider;
morss= diluted juice or syrup mixed with lots of water (without the i in the end)

valan endale morssi = I pour myself some juice drink;
palun soovin morssi = I wish some juice drink, please

groats = kruubid; barley= oder;
groats of barley =odrakruubid

it is written apart… 2 words : Tere tulemast! =Welcome! BUT “you are welcome” = “pole tänu väärt”


Hi @Atikker,

Thanks for reminding us!

Same as in my reply on the ‘Aprendar Estonio’ thread - I have re-sent the initial email to missgondelier and added you as a contributor in the meantime.
Hope that helps.

Have an amazing weekend,


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Is this forum active?

An error: llige - member. Think that should be liige - two i’s not two l’s.

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