[Course Forum] Elementary Old English WITH AUDIO, by Esteban00b (me)

I am working on an Old English course, found here. It is mainly from “An Old English Grammar and Exercise Book” by C. Alphonso Smith, which covers Early West Saxon. It started off as just vocabulary, then I decided to add grammar as well, and now audio too. I’ll probably add a pronunciation guide in the future.
As far as the audio goes, I am no expert, and have been making my best attempts based on what I have found in grammar books and on the internet. In my recordings I have been rolling my R’s, but it is important to note that this pronunciation is arbitrary, and they may well have been pronounced as a modern day R.
Anyway, I would very much like to promote the learning of Old English and I am very interested in your feedback/suggestions/corrections.

I have been enjoying this course for a while but I find I cannot get through the “Case Examples” lesson due to the lack of audio for the articles. Very good work though in making an Old English course with audio and multiple topics.

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thanks, acknowledged

Thanks for replying. I found I was finally able to complete the “Case Examples” lesson if I skipped it and completed all of the definite articles lessons first.

Thanks for putting this together.

There is some problems for desktop version. You have not inputed every orthographic symbol into the system. For instance ash with a macron and y with a macron and e caudata are missing thus you must get that wrong if asked to type it out or you must keep it copied and paste it into the box

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Thanks for telling me. I had not used the desktop version before.
It should be fixed now.

Loving the course so far. However, I am having a difficult time with the macrons. Can you please add them as special characters to questions where you have to enter OE answers?