[Course Forum] Elefen - 1500 Vocabulo Fundal by jc8558cj


Great course overall.

Though I have a problem with the last word in adjectives, “interesting”. It causes the android app to flag up with an error. So, I tried to use the web app instead but it only shows the word “interesting” for English but is blank for Elefen. When it comes to then displaying it as a question, both the question and the four choices are all blank.
As a workaround, I’ve I had to mark it with Ignore.

Edit: On level 7, the word “badly” is also blank for Elefen.
Edit 2: And again for the word “room” in level 8.

New possessive determiners have been added to the language: mea, nosa, tua, vosa and sua.
This means that “me - I, me, my” would need to be split into “me - I, me” and “mea - my”. Same for nos, vos, el, lo and los.

The list the course is based on has them listed now: http://elefen.org/vocabulofundal.html