[Course Forum] Easy Farsi (Persian, the language of princes) by Mahmoud23

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I have found that some of the English translations use its when instead it's (it is) would be appropriate. For example, in Level 2: khoo-beh - its good
This is only a minor thing but it would be nice if it could get fixed. I’d even fix this myself, if it’s possible.

It would be possible if the original course creator were willing to make you a course contributor.

@Mahmoud23 doesn’t seem to be a member of the forum, though, so you would have to ask @MemriseSupport to contact him to see if he would be OK with this. It usually is if someone has moved on and no longer has time to look after their course.

Thank you for your answer. I kind of moved on myself though :slight_smile:
I’m still learning Farsi, but with another course that uses Farsi script.

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