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Thanks @DW7

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In this course, one of the answers in Level 1 (and its reverse level 6) seems to be wrong. The question I think is wrong is “These are all planets with rings”. The answer it provided only mentions Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. If I’m not mistaken, Neptune should be included there as well since it does have rings.

Thanks @Xephers for posting clear instruction here.

You are correct that Neptune has rings so I have added it, but the answer was right to the original question:

“These are all planets with rings” (Not these are the only planets with rings.)

So to ensure everyone knows what is expected, I have changed the question to:

These four planets have rings.” = “Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

The answer is in orbit order, JSUN but let me know if you want any other accepted orders (which I can hide).

I have kept the original three as an accepted answer as some people returning to this course will only know that answer.

Thanks, I think that order will be fine.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact me and to improve a course I am supporting.

I see you are already learning from many of the courses I am supporting, which I can also offer support for.