[Course Forum] Dutch - The 1,002 to 2,002 Most Common Words

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@Lien, @MemriseSupport

The course creator for this course doesn’t seem to be active on this forum. Would it be possible for you to contact him/her - “DaftShadow” - and ask if I could be made a course contributor?

I would like to add some audio files and maybe swap a few around for better ones, if I can find them.

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Are you able to contact “DaftShadow” at all? I noticed that there is the same buzzy audio problem with some of the words in this course. It would really be no trouble at all for me to replace these as I go along through this course.

I’ve noticed similar sound issues in the 1001 Most Common words (I’m halfway through it now). Some are super-super low volume so I can’t hear them, some are too loud, some have buzzing or annoying background noises. I’ve chalked it up to being a volunteer-created course so I wasn’t going to complain or anything, but seeing you raise this issue here, I agree that it’d be great if someone could go through the course(s) and edit when need be! I also noticed a few small typos which can also be annoying. None of these issues make me want to stop the course, but I do applaud your willingness to edit them for the rest of us! I hope you get a favourable response! :smiley:

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Level 2

gevallen is translated as “fell”, when it should be “fallen”.

Hi @amanda-norrsken,
Thanks for your kind offer to help improve this course. As the course creator is no longer active and the contributor may no longer have the time to address these issues, I have added you as a contributor.
Happy learning,


Thanks, @Lien!

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