[Course Forum] Duolinguo Hebrew + by EriannMX

Course forum, please post mistakes, etc.

Thanks for creating the course! I started learning the words here before heading over to the duolingo app so I would be prepared to practice using the vocabulary. I like that I can skip modules I’m already comfortable with and head straight for the new or difficult vocabulary for me.

I found a bug when I’m learning new vocabulary on my iphone. Whenever I come upon a listening exercise where I’m supposed to choose which of the three audio clips is correct, all three clips play the correct file. It’s easy points, and reinforces hearing the word, but I think it would be even better to have to find the correct clip.

I’d like to report some problems that I encountered:

In 47 Past 1 more than one Hebrew term is translated with ‘you were’. They are indistinguishable, but only one Hebrew choice is accepted. Could you add hints for m/f and s/pl?

In the mobile app in 49 Imperatives 1 the word צלם has no English translation. It is not possible to go past this word during a review. This may be caused by a bug in the app, maybe, because it works fine in the web version.

You have in Adverbs בכל זאת translated as anyway. Should it not be: nevertheless ?

Hi, I’m the creator of the course, please feel free to share with me your thoughts or any corrections.

Please note that there’s a difference between the course created by Mazzorano (which happens to be the same person who did the course in Duolinguo) and this one (Duolingo +).

This one is just a few words that weren’t in the main course (at least at the time of creation), was mainly done for my personal use, and that I’m currently not updating due to other commitments, but wanted to share in case it was helpful to someone else.

For the main course do contact Mazzorano.

I am also very grateful that Memrise and Duolingo complement each other so well.

I have just started level 13 in Duolingo „Present 1“. I do not know why the Memrise course seems to skip the vocabulary of this lesson. I am running into quite a number of new verbs and would be happy to see them included in this course. Is there a particular reason or remedy for this?