[Course Forum] Duolingo Vietnamese Vocabulary by Kuah

There are a couple of words in the notes of “Basics 1” that would be useful to have here in the Memrise course:

It Nó
We Chúng tôi

Hi there, thank you so much for producing this course. I use this in conjunction with Duolingo’s Vietnamese to reinforce the material and quickly review topics.

One note of feedback is concerns the audio levels of the voices. They’re completely inconsistent. Some are extremely loud and other soft. It’s at the point where I turn down the volume completely.

I’m sure that’s an easy fix to level out the audio.

The audio for giữ (level 36) is wrong. It uses the Forvo pronunciation for giũ instead of giữ.

Lesson 52 Errors / Omissions

Làm Phiền = to annoy

The Memrise set as it translated as “to annoy” but the Duolingo lesson it is based on does not accept this as correct and requires “to bother”.

đến lúc – đên lúc…phải…rồi

In addition to cho đến khi translated as “until,” the Vietnamese phrase đến lúc is also listed as “until.” Based on the Duolingo lesson, it appears that the intended phrase to study is đên lúc…phải…rồi. It basically gets used as “It is time to (do something),” but the grammar is not well covered in the Tips section on Duolingo and likely not easily explained in the Memrise format.

Lesson 51 Errors

Incorrect audio for “ngành”

The current audio for ngành is actually the audio for the next word in the list, văn bản.
Also, the current translation is “department” while Duolingo is not accepting that. It requires “major.”

nghiên cứu = fellow

Nghiên cứu was an earlier word in the lesson translated as “research.” Based on the Duolingo lesson, the latter version of the term should be nghiên cứu sinh and translated as “PhD student”.