[Course Forum] Duolingo Serbian Course

@GeniusJack, I was wondering if you had time to answer a couple of questions or correct a few things. I am still starting out on Serbian, but I have Serbian family members.

The first thing they commented on was “United Kingdom”.

They said it should be, “Velika Britanija” not “Velike”. Google seems to agree. What are other people’s thoughts?

A little late to the party but here goes. First of all Велика Британија/Velika Britanija means Great Britain. Уједињено Краљевство/Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo is United Kingdom. As for your question in the course it should be Велика Британија/Velika Britanija.

Он је из Велике Британије./On je iz Velike Britanije. - He is from Great Britain.
Велика Британија је део Уједињеног Краљевства./Velika Britanija je deo Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva. - Great Britain is part of the United Kingdom.
Живим у Великој Британији./Živim u Velikoj Britaniji. - I live in Great Britain.