[Course Forum) Duolingo (Mexican?) Spanish verbs by paso

Received is spelt incorrectly in English in https://www.memrise.com/course/224045/duolingo-spanish-verbs-present-perfect/
Stated as “recieved” instead of “received.”

why do you open a new thread for each mistake you find?

you can post them in one single thread

@paso does not seem active in here, contact a memrise team member and ask nicely what could one do about

(like for ex @Lien)

Hi @CandiceRosenberg33

The course creator is no longer active on Memrise.
I have added you as a contributor to the course so you can edit the course entries.
You should now see the ‘Edit Course’ button when you access the course on the desktop (not accessible from the Apps).
I hope that helps?