[Course Forum] Duolingo Japanese Tree 2.0 - Part 2

Welcome to my personal study guide/SRP for duolingo’s Japanese 2.0 tree.

This course covers the 3rd and 4th checkpoints (People to Religion) in Duolingo’s Japanese 2.0 tree, the 2nd of 3 courses. Knowledge of kana is assumed. The goal is not to replace Duolingo, but to provide features that it lacks: Spaced Repetition and accurate audio.

Any and all feed back is welcome. If you feel that any of the content is incorrect, be it audio, english or japanese, please let me know here. I will do my best to make sure that it is accurate.

Please note that this course is still being developed. I work on it daily, but it still takes time creating the audio. Some levels are marked [In Progress]. These levels may have no content, or may be missing audio. These levels are subject to drastic changes.

I am currently working on the Classroom nodes (12/9/2019).


Hello Stephanie,

I was wondering if you are still working on this course currently?


Hey Stephanie! Same question as Shihao - are you still working on this? I just finished working my way through your first one and it made such a huge difference to me. If I can help with this part 2, I’d be really happy to!