[Course Forum] Duolingo Japanese Tree 2.0 - Part 1

Welcome to my personal study guide/SRP for duolingo’s Japanese 2.0 tree.

Any and all feed back is welcome. Please remember that it is a work in progress. If you feel that any of the content is incorrect, be it audio, english or japanese, please let me know here. I will do my best to make sure that it is accurate.


Could you please provide a link to the course?

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Sorry for the delay in posting the link. I am new to the forum and did not have rights to edit or reply until reviewed by an admin. Just got rights. Future responses should be much quicker.

Don’t worry about it, I found the course anyway. It’s great. It would be even greater if romaji alternatives were accepted, since this is how most Japanese people - I think - write on a keyboard.

I think most Japanese have the Windows IME installed and you can type using kana and it will auto fill the kanji.

But many learners probably don’t, especially if they mainly use Duolingo, which doesn’t require any typing in Japanese at all. However, I can understand that you may not want to put in the time.

Since you seem to think it would be useful, I have started to add the romaji as alternate solutions. I have completed through Greetings Exercises and will continue to add to the remaining levels, though it may take some time.

If you find any errors, please let me know and I will correct.

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Thanks a lot.

Two trivial corrections in the romaji:

Should be shichi and kyuu

Fixed. Thank you for catching those.

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Wow, I love this course!!! Nice work



Glad you like it. If you find any mistakes, please let me know here and I will update ASAP.