[Course Forum] Duolingo Irish, by milero


(Anoulipo) #104

Two small issues:

  1. I kept getting caught out at Level 99 by “your ring”, “bhur bhfáinne”; the practice in the rest of the course is to indicate plural when intended. It’s not done at Level 99 for a good reason, as that is a review of eclipsis; but when it comes up in review one misses that context. So I changed it to “your (pl) ring” in the database. Please confirm this is OK.

  2. Level 101: “Nár mhaith leis rud ar bith?” is translated as “Wouldn’t you like anything?” But I can’t figure out why it’s “leis” and not “leat”. Is this an idiom? If not I’ll be happy to change it.

Thanks -

(Heathermagoo) #105

Hi, anoulipo,

  1. Yes, much clearer as “your (pl) ring”. Thanks for changing it.

  2. Yes, again. It should be “Wouldn’t he like anything?” Thanks for catching it. I went ahead and changed it.

The audio for both is from forvo. The speaker is BridEllis. She’s done many, many useful recordings on forvo and matches the duolingo pronunciation fairly closely.