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Two small issues:

  1. I kept getting caught out at Level 99 by “your ring”, “bhur bhfáinne”; the practice in the rest of the course is to indicate plural when intended. It’s not done at Level 99 for a good reason, as that is a review of eclipsis; but when it comes up in review one misses that context. So I changed it to “your (pl) ring” in the database. Please confirm this is OK.

  2. Level 101: “Nár mhaith leis rud ar bith?” is translated as “Wouldn’t you like anything?” But I can’t figure out why it’s “leis” and not “leat”. Is this an idiom? If not I’ll be happy to change it.

Thanks -

Hi, anoulipo,

  1. Yes, much clearer as “your (pl) ring”. Thanks for changing it.

  2. Yes, again. It should be “Wouldn’t he like anything?” Thanks for catching it. I went ahead and changed it.

The audio for both is from forvo. The speaker is BridEllis. She’s done many, many useful recordings on forvo and matches the duolingo pronunciation fairly closely.

Memrise is moving the community-created courses to a Memrise product called Decks. From what I’ve read the desktop implementation will be underway from now till the end of April, the mobile app coming at a later unannounced date (current Memrise mobile app in place till then). Links below if you haven’t read up on it yet.

I don’t know what to expect from the transition, but my goal will be to keep the Irish course useful and intact. Please report issues as you encounter them.

Even at the point when ofthefay began the Memrise Irish course in support of Duolingo Irish, Memrise was already a little clunky (affectionate observation; not a criticism) Still,since Memrise allowed sound files, and because, at that time, the crying need of the Duolingo Irish course was audio, it was a good match. And maybe Decks will turn out to be the more agile, more up-to-date, more elegant Memrise of my dreams. At some future point, when Duolingo Irish Tree 2 is unveiled, it will be worth evaluating whether Memrise/Decks its still the best review cards choice…



The Decks beta Duolingo Irish course is now at:

I just clicked “login to Memrise” at the top of the page and I was logged in. So far I haven’t encountered any problems.

The Duolingo Irish course is also still available on the Memrise site. It will be removed at the end of April.


You probably received the message from Memrise this morning. If not here it is:


Today we are announcing that the Decks by Memrise website is live!

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Hi, does this topic move too?

Anyway I found an error in Level 85 Politics

an Dáil - the Dáil

I guess it should read the Assembly.


Hello sdiemer51,

when capitalized, the Dáil does refer to the lower house of the Oireachtas, even in English speaking media. So this isn’t an error; but it might benefit from more information. (I haven’t been on Duolingo for a while, but I think they do the same - i.e. translate ‘dáil’ as ‘assembly’ and ‘an Dáil’ as ‘the Dáil’.)



Hi anoulipo,

thanks for the quick answer. I had no chance to check Duolingo as I try to learn the vocabulary via memorise before I do the Duolingo lesson. I did a Google search and it seems to me the lower house is referred to as Dáil Éireann. But I’m not a native English speaker so I have no clue about the common use of the term.

Greetings Steve

Hello Steve,

strange, I’m not getting these emails directly any longer. Anyway, that’s right - it is short for Dáil Éireann, but if you look at articles in the Irish Times, say, you’ll see it generally referred to as just the Dáil. I’ve added “Dáil Éireann” to our explanatory note - thanks for suggesting the improvement.


Hi anoulipo, Thanks so much for answering the question and adding an excellent explanatory note.
Everyone refers to it as “the Dáil”, but the current Duolingo answer is “the legislative assembly.” I think Team Irish must have decided it was better to provide an answer for learners that explained the nature of the Dáil. I just added “the legislative assembly” to the alternate answers in the Memrise course.

Here’s a link to the Duolingo record for An Dáil, with all the discussion on this topic.

Heather, sorry for my delay in replying. Thank you - I should have attempted to find the Duolingo translation of Dáil but didn’t (although now I remember reading that forum discussion when I went through the course). Adding “the legislative assembly” makes sense.

I’m curious though about what (if any) other non-Irish “legislative assemblies” it is commonly applied to. The Irish “Vicipéid” (not very large,admittedly) gives the clearly related “Comhdháil” for the U.S. Congress, divided into the “Seanad” and the “Teach na nIonadaithe”. But “Dáil” itself redirects to Dáil Éireann.

(I still like the first translation in the forum discussion: “them up in Dublin”!)


:slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to add any Irish or English translation alternates you want. When you are in “edit” mode, hover to the right of the word and “alts” appears. If you don’t want the alternate answer to appear when people are learning, put a “_” in front of the alternate, e.g. _the legislative assembly. I know they say the Dáil and the Seanad when referring to “them up in Dublin.” But I’m not 100% sure how they refer to “them over in Westminster” or “them up on Capitol Hill.” But my impression is the same as yours: “an Dáil” is strictly “Dáil Éireann”; the Seanad is the Irish senate, but the word seanad is generic and could refer to any senate, worldwide.

I asked an Irish-speaking colleague about “Dáil”; for him, its reference to a legislative assembly is indeed now limited to the Dáil Éireann, with Comhdháil (conference) or Parlaimint used for assemblies outside of Ireland. I added as an alternate for “an Dáil” what I wish the Duolingo course had used, “the Irish legislative assembly”; but because it clashed with “the legislative assembly” there currently (and probably best kept for the sake of those doing the course), I left this alt with a “_” in front. Hopefully that’s a reasonable resolution of the issue.

Thanks -

Great resolution. Yes, “the Irish legislative assembly” is more accurate and descriptive. Thanks. I’ll file away Comhdháil and Parlaimint for assemblies outside of Ireland.