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(Heathermagoo) #84

Thanks for reporting the problem. I’ve deleted the two cards you were having trouble with and reentered them. Please let me know if you still have trouble. Heather

(Anoulipo) #85

Hello, Heather,

  1. úsáideann sí seems to have a phantom entry? When I encountered it anew just now, it appeared twice on multiple choice tests (and invariably, with the appropriate luck, I chose the wrong one…)

  2. Could you fix it so that ‘a náid’ is not marked as wrong in level 45? As a counting number, a náid should be accepted - and indeed a note with the entry claims it is also correct. (I’m not sure, but looking at focloir.ie I’d hazard that a náid is a better answer than náid in this context - a náid, a haon, a dó, etc.)

GRMA as always -

(Anoulipo) #86

one more, I think - level 46: ocht mbosca dhéag - similar to trí oráiste dhéag in the Duolingo course notes (and like dhá sheomra dhéag in ths level) - alerted to this by a mem for that item…

(Heathermagoo) #87

Hi anoulipo,

I fixed a náid, úsáideann sí, and ocht mbosca dhéag. Thanks very much for catching all of those goofs. If you still have trouble with them please alert me.


(Heathermagoo) #88

Yes, I agree with you. I’ve switched to a náid for consistency. Thanks for pointing it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Anoulipo) #89

Hello Heather. cúpla focal:

Level 88: Missing fada on ní in “Mura n-itheann tú spionáiste, ni* bheidh tú láidir.”

Level 91: There is a phantom/double entry for d’óladh sí - both encountered as options for “she used to drink” and only one marked correct…

GRMA, as always -

(Heathermagoo) #90

Thanks for letting me know, anoulipo. Fada and phantom/double entry fixed. Heather

(Anoulipo) #91


level 100: idir phrátaí agus bhainne is rendered as…both potatoes and bread! Prompted several double takes…


(Heathermagoo) #92

Hi anoulipo, :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing out the error. It’s fixed now. Heather

(Heathermagoo) #93

On vacation (and mostly off internet) Dec 28-Jan16. Heather

(Anoulipo) #94

Athbhlian faoi mhaise duit, a Heather! I did not keep this for your return - it’s actually the first error I’ve noticed (really, been reminded of, as it’s been around…) in a while, coinciding as I’ve just read with the end of your vacation (which I hope was pleasant).

Level 55:
“ar éist mé?” is rendered as “do I listen?” - but it should be “did I listen?”


(Heathermagoo) #95

Happy new year to you too, anoulipo. Yes, vacation was great. I was touring around South India.

I fixed ar éist mé? for Level 55. Thanks for reporting it.

Could I add you as a contributor? Then you can fix errors as you find them.

(Anoulipo) #96

That sounds like fun!

Yes, I’d be happy to be a contributor, thank you; I keep thinking I’ve hit an end to errors but then I find one in review I hadn’t thought about for a while. One puzzle (not an error) at the moment is the relationship between “domhain” (level 58) and “doimhneacht” (level 89). Both mean “depth”, and while on teanglann.ie I get a sense of possible different shades of meaning - “domhain” seems mostly applicable to more physical depths, while “doimhneacht” gets applied to sound, color, and thought - there is clearly some significant overlap; the New English-Irish dictionary gives both for depth in the sense of “from top to bottom”, listing “doimhneacht” first.

(The Irish blog at transparent.com gives “shade, depth, deep place” for “doimhneacht” and “depth, abyss, inmost part, etc.” for “domhain”.)

One possible response would be just to leave this alone, or one could add some context to both definitions; but I think allowing either “doimhneacht” or “domhain” as a correct answer to “depth” (similar to what happens with “seal” and “deis” for opportunity in level 64) would be worth considering. (I keep entering “doimhneacht” when “domhain” is required, which is how I run into this.)

(Heathermagoo) #97

Thanks, anoulipo. Now you should see “Edit Course” right above the Leaderboard when you open up the Irish Duolingo course. Even if you haven’t created a Memrise course before, you should get the lay of the land pretty easily. Nowadays the errors are usually minor goofs, but duplicate entries still show up and I delete them when I encounter them. The only messy part is the phantom entries that creep in to multiple choice questions… When they show up, I go to the Database, find the record, add an extra letter (any letter will do) to each column, save the record, then go back to the record, remove the extra letters and save.

So glad you spotted the duplication of “depth” with domhaim / doimhneacht. As you say, they seem to overlap considerably when used as a noun, with some specialized applications at the edges. I’ve made both domhain and doimhneacht correct answers for “depth (noun)”. I changed domhain to “deep (adjective)” with “depth (noun)” as an alternate answer. Feel free to tweak it if you think of a simpler or clearer way to present the distinction…

(Davidcwalls) #98

I just made a change dá mbeidís was translated as “if they would”; I added “be” to make it “if they would be”

I waited until you were back, heathermagoo (welcome back!), because I wasn’t familiar with the Memrise Databases tab. I created a test course on memrise, but there was no database tab. So I didn’t want my first change to be flying solo.

To make the change, I opened the dictionary page (see link below) and just clicked in the English field, typed " be" and hit enter. It seemed like it saved ok.

(Davidcwalls) #99

sorry, it replaced the link with a generic description of the course. I’ll try again


(Heathermagoo) #100

Hi David, Yay! Thanks for making the correction.

Yes, I enjoyed traveling and it was heavenly to be off the internet for two weeks (I hadn’t intended a complete moratorium, but I put my faith in international roaming and it let me down. Next time I’ll jump through the necessary hoops to get a local sim card.).

As you’ve figured out, you can make your changes to items either in the Levels themselves or you can go to Database and make your change. Changes you make in the Levels are reflected in the Database and vice versa. But if you delete an item from a Level, the item doesn’t delete from the Database. Heather.

(Davidcwalls) #101

I couldn’t find it in the levels, but it was easy to find in the database.

(Heathermagoo) #102

:slight_smile: When I absolutely have to find out which level a word appears in, I google the Gaelige word plus “Memrise Duolingo Irish”. Not very sophisticated, but It usually works.

(Anoulipo) #103

Heather, sorry for my delayed reply; thanks very much for adding me as a contributor. I am (very) slowly building up a course, so I have a little familiarity with the edit function. (But just a little.) Thanks for the domhain/doimhneacht solution, which works for me.

And I do the same thing when searching for a word - when I can’t remember its level, I google it (often along with just Memrise) - comes up quickly. (It can be useful to see what other courses do with it, if anything.)