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(Asteraceae) #64

Hi - Thanks for the recent course updates and the new module on the “Copula” - very useful.

Is there an error with a couple of the sentences though, e.g…

An í an dochtúir í? Is í.
Is she a doctor? Yes, she is.

Shouldn’t this be “Is she the doctor?”.

(Heathermagoo) #65

Right! Thanks so much for letting me know. Error corrected.

(Asteraceae) #66

Thanks for your prompt action!

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10

(Heathermagoo) #67

If you use the Memrise app for Duolingo Irish, I would suggest that you logoff/logon occasionally so that you can capture additions/corrections. With the app for iphone, I find that soundfiles, corrections and added flashcards only update fully when I logoff/logon. During the last week, I have also had to logoff/logon with the desktop version to capture changes. So its a good idea to logoff/logon now and then no matter which platform/device you’re using. Heather :slight_smile:

(Teresa Wilson16) #68

I’ve a problem with level 32 (Genitive 1). In one multiple choice question asking for the Irish word for ‘head’ two options were identical, both ceann. I guessed one and was marked wrong. The question is, are there two meanings of the word ceann, in which case there should be something to distinguish them? Or was it a glitch in the programme itself?

(Heathermagoo) #69

Thanks, Teresa. I really appreciate hearing about this kind of problem, because it’s very elusive. It’s fixed now for “ceann” but if it occurs for you again with any other word, just let me know.

(Heathermagoo) #70

Hi Teresa,
I just realized I didn’t answer your whole question.

This problem, “phantom answers,” comes up because, when a new word is entered into the database, multiple choice answers are automatically chosen from existing database entries and are attached to the new word. Those multiple choice answers remain with the word permanently, i.e., a multiple choice answer isn’t removed from the answer set, even when it is “removed” from the database. As a result, problems like you encountered can arise.

Memrise knows about the issue, but they haven’t addressed it.

Several users have devised solutions:

a Python solution

a userscript solution
[Userscript] Attempt to Eliminate Phantom Entries

I use the “one at a time” version of the Python solution. When a word turns out to have confusing multiple choice solutions attached to it, I go to the word in the database and add a character to each field for that word and save the modified entry. That bumps out the old multiple choice solutions and new multiple choices are made from the current database. Then I go back and remove the extra character from each field, so the entry looks correct again. It works well for occasional troublesome multiple choice issues (n.b.: This solution doesn’t work for phantom sound files).

You may not want that much information, but if you are ever creating a course yourself, this little tidbit could be very useful to you.

(Davidcwalls) #71

In level 86, Verbs: Future 2 - 1stConj
I think tuillhidh mé
should be tuillfidh mé

(Heathermagoo) #72

Error corrected. HaHa! I had changed the spelling to “tuillhidh mé” so that abair.ie would synthesize the sound correctly, and then i put that erroneous spelling on the flashcard. Thanks for alerting me.

David, would you allow me to add you as a contributor to the Memrise Duolingo Irish course. ofthefay and milero both moved on and I’m the only contributor left standing. It means you would be able to make changes. You could do as little (make corrections if for some reason I don’t) or as much (remake the course in your own image) as you want. Sometimes graduate studies become all consuming and I don’t check the forum here for a week or more. More importantly, I don’t want this course to become an orphan (I enjoy rock-climbing and that can shorten your shelf life) :smiley:

(Davidcwalls) #73

Sure, you can make me a contributor. I’m not sure how much I can do, but what I can, I will.

(Heathermagoo) #74

Iontach! Thank you. Now above your Leaderboard you’ll see an “Edit Course” button.

When you look at the “edit” view, you’ll see that I’ve put my notes under the “attributes” headings, rather than adding extra columns. My idea (somewhere back in the dark ages) was that the Memrise supplied “attributes” would display more reliably across platforms than extra columns I added myself.

If someone posts an error report and I don’t correct it within 24 hours, feel free to fix the mistake. The reports are almost always real errors. And feel free to fix anything wrong that you spot yourself. Since there is always a ton of room for improvement, any brainwaves about things that should be modified/added/deleted will be most welcome! Go n-éirí leat.

(Davidcwalls) #75

Not that there is anything I need it for, but I thought I should mention that I don’t have the Edit Course button.

(Heathermagoo) #76

Take a look now. The edit course button should appear on the right hand side of the course page right above the “leaderboard”. If you still don’t see it, please let me know.

(Davidcwalls) #77

That worked!

(Anoulipo) #78


in the “phantom” category, oráiste seems now to have both “orange (fruit and color)” and “orange (fruit, color)” - they appeared together in (I think) every multiple choice question, with the former marked correct and the latter incorrect. Thank you -

(Heathermagoo) #79

Thanks for the alert! Oráiste now set to rights. Heather

(Heathermagoo) #80

Yay! I just double-checked and you’re still listed as a contributor. For some reason your name had disappeared and I suspect human error (i.e., Heather). Thanks for letting me know.

(Anoulipo) #81

Hello, Heather. Level 28: Is í seo an bhróg, no? I feel I will never quite get the copula, but I hope I’ve got this right! (And the Attributes entry needs to be changed, too.) Thank you.

(Heathermagoo) #82

Thanks for catching that, anoulipo! I really appreciate hearing about the mistakes. Lenition of singular feminine noun after definite article. Jeeps! Fixed now. :slight_smile: Heather

(Pariah3851) #83

On level 11 - úsáideann sí has an extra space at the end of sí. When you type the correct answer, memrise does not automatically detect it as correct. You have to type the space or hit enter.

On level 14 - an bosca dubh also has an extra space at the end of dubh.

Go raibh maith agat.