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(Heathermagoo) #23

Hi David,

It’s just like on Duolingo. When a new version of a tree is created, sections that you have completed previously will show incomplete. This is because new items have been added. In the same way, new items have been added to the Duolingo Memrise course and so sections where they have been added show incomplete, even though you may have completed that section previously.

I understand it’s a little disconcerting. I remember how I felt seeing my hard won Duolingo owls disappearing when a new version of the tree appeared (German, Spanish, Norwegian). But your progress has not been lost. It’s just an opportunity to learn something that was previously lacking. Usually you can quickly complete those new items. You may not have encountered it before in Memrise, but it is common on Duolingo. (And I’m hoping to encounter it again someday when wonderful Team Irish turns out Irish Tree 2.0. We’ll lose our owls temporarily, but we will get to learn new skills.)

The worst should now be over here on Memrise. I’ve been through all the sections of the course and made the major changes. Now I’m going back and adding sound files (when available). I’m also wiping out old phantom records from the database that pop up in multiple choice questions. The result will be a cleaner, more complete and hopefully more interesting and profitable learning experience.

Thanks very much for your patience.

(Davidcwalls) #24


Thanks for your reply, and GRMMA for all the work you have put into this! It has been extremely helpful in my study of Irish.

Am I right that you have updated a majority of the levels, e.g. 27 of the first 40? I had a brief problem a few months ago losing progress when my iPad got out of sync with the website, so I just wanted to know if you updated that many or if I should also be looking for other issues.

Thanks again,

(Kairit Sirts83) #25

Thanks again for the course!

I think I found still another error: there is ‘trid an’ which means ‘through the’ but I think ‘trid’ should be with fada: ‘tríd an’

(Kairit Sirts83) #26

And sorry for the previous post (about the black elephant), I don’t know how I messed it up because obviously there is no error there - for some reason I was completely convinced during the writing time that there is one.

(Dfpeterson) #27

A minor bug that I found is that when I use the mobile version of this course “chas mé” requires two spaces between chas and to auto pick it up as correct. I can submit it with one space and it will accept it, but I will often use up a hint if I forget that the word requires two spaces.

(Heathermagoo) #28

Hi Kairit,
I have added the fada so “tríd an” is now appearing correctly. Thanks for letting me know.


(Heathermagoo) #29

Hi dfpeterson, Thanks for alerting me. I’ve deleted the old card for “chas mé” and have created a new one. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please let me know. Heather.

(Heathermagoo) #30

Thank you, David. I’m almost to level 40 now with revisions. A Memrise bug has slowed me down a bit and has needed some extra attention (deleted text and sound files are not really deleted but hang around in the database and pop up very annoyingly in review sessions). But I’ve got the solution and am forging ahead. :smiley:

(Anouk ) #31

Hey there! I noticed that a lot of the new items that have been added to the course now contain audio. That’s amazing! Could someone maybe elaborate on which dialect is used in the audio? It would be very helpful to my study.
As always, go raibh míle maith ag everyone who puts work into this wonderful course!

(A M Rlowe3) #32

Hi.I have come across an error in level 60 Verbs past 1 Negation/Questions.the translation for "nior éist tú " is given as "you don’t listen"instead of "you didn’t listen"

(Kairit Sirts83) #33

I noticed an error in ‘Ta an aimsir go halainn inniu’ ‘The weather is beautiful today’, where ‘tá’ is without the fada. Thanks again!

(Kairit Sirts83) #34

Also, I have some suspicion about ‘ag an am seo’ ‘at this time’. Shouldn’t there be a ‘t-’ prefix preceding ‘am’ because it is a masculine noun? I would guess it should be ‘ag an t-am seo’ but I’m not completely sure - maybe this is some kind of exception I don’t know about.

(Heathermagoo) #35

About “ag an am seo”, the expression is correct as it stands. Eclipsis after most prepositions plus article “an” (exceptions don, den, sa[n]). But “am” starts with an “a” so doesn’t eclipse.

In fact, “am” in the expression “ag an am seo” is in the DATIVE case as the object of the preposition. As far as “an t-am”, that is “t” prothesis before initial vowel of masc. noun following “an” in NOMINATIVE case.

You can read a bit more detail here: http://www.nualeargais.ie/gnag/sindos.htm

Also here is the Duolingo discussion. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4388520

(Haleosquared) #36

Level 13. The last word has a “null” definition. (I’d upload a screen cap, but my phone isn’t letting me.) The word is atá (a + tá).

(Heathermagoo) #37

atá (a + tá) in Level 13 is fixed now. Thanks for letting me know about it,haleosquared.

(Haleosquared) #38

Awesome. Thank you.

(Timmylemur) #39

For the item “we drink water”, there is a typo and water is misspelled “usice”. Thanks.

(Heathermagoo) #40

Thank you, timmylemur. Corrected.

(Kaylan) #41

Forgot the accent on tá in ‘‘Gardai! Ta se prainneach’’ in Medical.

(Heathermagoo) #42

Thanks for letting me know, leoithne27! Fixed now.