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(Michelle) #1

This forum is generally used for reporting errors or questions within the Duolingo Irish course.

(Mike Wasson34) #2

Test, test, is this thing on? It’s not even clear if I’m responding to you post or making a new one in the fourm…

Anyway: found another one of those annoying definite plural noun that starts with a vowel issues:

Level 75, Arts: “na amhráin” when it should be “na hamhráin”

Thanks again!

(Michelle) #3

Thanks, Mike. I’ll correct that.

(Ipomea In A Fjord) #5

Hi, there,

Like Mike said, I’m a bit unsure of how to use this at the moment, but I’m sure everything will be fine.

Anyway, I’ve noticed two little spelling things. First, I think that in Lesson 24 “Adjectives”, the word for “independent” should be “neamhspleách” (but currently the fada is on the “e” in the lesson). Second, I think that in Lesson 41, “1000th” as in “the 1000th boat”, should be “míliú” (with a fada on the first “i” which is not currently present in the lesson).

Thank you very much, though, as always!

(Michelle) #6

You’re right about both of those instances, and I’ve corrected them accordingly.
Thanks very much for reporting them!

(Bryan G) #7

Could you possibly add a level for possessives grammar? I’m struggling a lot with it :sweat_smile:

(Michelle) #8

Hi Bryan,
Level 13 covers possessives.
I struggled with this lesson, as well! It does get a bit easier as you progress through the course and pick up other grammsr rules along the way.

(Anouk ) #9

Hi there!

There is a small mistake in level 83 (Verbs: Imperative): the plural form of the verb “beir” (beirigí) is listed twice, whereas the singular form is not featured at all in this level. Even though it’s not a very big deal, this might be confusing for some, so I thought I should notify you about it.

Thanks for the amazing course!

(Mike Wasson34) #10

There doesn’t seem to be a way to send a private message, sooo…milero dropped off the leaderboard. It looks like she still has a forum account, but not an actual memrise one. Her Duolingo account is also deactivated. Milero, is everything okay? You’re awesome and have been doing a great job both learning and teaching Gaeilge. If there’s anything we can do to support you let us know!

(Amandarsanderson) #11

There is an issue with Go raibh maith agat fill in. Choosing the three options, Go, raibh, and maith agat, results in a wrong answer. However, this is the only correct option.

Here is a screen shot of the error.

(A M Rlowe3) #12

Hi Milero.First up I want to say what a great course you have created here on memrise with Irish. It has been helping me a lot.I just wanted to point out some wrong spelling that I found in Level 22 in"Family" .The words in question are Mothers and Fathers.You are spelling Mothers as"máthaireacha " and fathers as “athaireacha”.I have two dictionaries which both give Mothers as “máithreacha” and Fathers as "aithreacha ".I have also consulted the duiolingo forums and they confirm this.Thanks for your time and keep up the good work regards Alice

(Moragcelt) #13

Hello , I have been experiencing difficulty lately with one of the terms . lena , when answered correctly is still marked as wrong . Has anyone else experienced this ?

(A M Rlowe3) #14

Yes.I have been experiencing this with quite a few words including lena,faoi and de

(Moragcelt) #15

Yes now it is also don and den as well as lena when answered correctly is still marked as wrong .I am using the online version via laptop .

(A M Rlowe3) #16

I’m using my laptop as well

(Anouk ) #17

Hi there! I understand that the forum is inactive at the moment? Anyway, if one of the contributors reads this: I noticed a small mistake in the new level on eclipsis. The word for “field” is given with eclipsis already, so gclaí instead of claí as you would expect.
As always, thank you so much for this incredible course!

(Ruth Lawrence81) #18

it was still there the other week when I did this section, but now it is fixed!

Several changes are being made today, I notice.

(A M Rlowe3) #19

Hi Milero.I know you are revamping things at the moment but I just wanted to point out a mistake I found today I pressed the learn new words button and the word"aisteoir" came up.You had the english translation as “artist” when in fact it should be"actor".Its so easy to be thinking the right word and write a different one.Thanks once again for the great course you are providing

(Kairit Sirts83) #20

Thanks for the course!

I noticed today that ‘an eilifint dhubh’ is translated as ‘the black elephant’ whereas I think it really should be ‘a black elephant’.

(Davidcwalls) #22

Over the past month or two, I have had a lot of my progress in the Duolingo Irish course disappear, i.e. levels that I had completed in the past are now no longer marked as completed. I wondered if there has been significant revision of the course recently that might cause this, or if anyone else has had this problem.

I have not seen similar problems in other courses, which is why I posted here (I did send an email to support, but I understand that takes a very long time).