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Welcome to the Duolingo Greek with Audio course forum. Please report errors, post suggestions, feedback or anything related to the course here.

This course is an unofficial companion to support vocabulary learning of the words featured in the Duolingo Greek Course. Complete with audio featuring both male and female voices for each word.

Additional Information:

  • Anything in curved brackets is there to clarify meaning.

  • Anything in square brackets is there to clarify grammatical usage.

    Abbreviations used:
    acc. - accusative
    adj. - adjective
    adv. - adverb
    f. - feminine
    gen. - genitive
    imp. - imperative
    inf. - infinitive
    m. - masculine
    n.- neuter
    pl. - plural
    sing. - singular

Update to course: the following attributes should now show on testing:

  • Part of speech
  • Gender
  • Number (singular or plural)
  • Person

If you’re using the apps and the change does not show, logging out and then back in should fix it.

First of all, thank you very much for the course. I can tell that you have put a substantial amount of work to make a masculine and feminine pronunciation of each word, and have filled in several other attributes to add detail. As someone who has made a few courses and learned the hard way, I can appreciate your attention to detail and long, hard work.

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I’ve recently made the following changes:

Adjectives Inflexion level
Corrections to the superlative forms: ο καλύτερος, ο απλούστερος, ο πιο φθηνός
More information about the formation of comparative and superlative adjectives can be found on page 3 of this document.

Verb παίρνω
The meaning used in this course is “(I) take”, but it can also mean “(I) get”, so I have added “(I) get” to παίρνω, and similarly amended its conjugations.

Hi owlielovesbooks. There’s an error in level 2, ‘‘Infinitive’’: λέω is translated incorrectly as ‘’[to] see’’. A question: Why is the female speaker’s intonation nearly always in the so-called ‘Neighbours’ question’ style? [i.e. a rising intonation at the end of a word or phrase, as though the word was a question.] To my mind, it’s quite confusing and misleading, given that the words she speaks are just that - words, and not questions. But that’s a minor gripe about an excellent course.

Thank you for bringing that error to my attention. It’s fixed now, but if you’re using an app you may need to reinstall to see the change.

Regarding the female voice, all the audio files were made with Apple TTS so it does, unfortunately, have limitations. I don’t think male voice has that rising tone so much, but he does sound depressed :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your feedback. It’s all appreciated