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Are you still updating this?

yes, I have been very busy lately studying for the German B2 exam and I recently finished that,so now I will have more time available to update the course.


toll! herzlichen glückwunsch! ich möchte auch die prüfung zertifikat deutsch bestehen. ich kann lesen und hören (lese ich bücher jede woche und jetzt schaue ich die (fürchterliche) filmreihe “Frühling” an), aber ich niemals schreibe und spreche.

hast du das ziel, in deutschland zu studieren, order?

Keine Ursache. Wenn du Schreibübungen machen wolltest, würde ich http://lang-8.com/ empfehlen. Ich wohne und arbeite zurzeit in Deutschland aber ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich später studieren will oder nicht. Was ist dein Ziel/?

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yeah, ich habe lang8 gehört. vielleicht werde ich sie ausprobieren, aber scheint es nicht natürlich, wie z.b. ein gespräch mit skype oder einen brieffreund.

mein ziel…ich wollte nicht übersetze bücher lesen, and jetzt das kann ich. allerdings, ich möchte in deutschland studieren weil sind kostenlos, die studiengebühren.

das ist sehr cool dass du lebst in deutschland. wie findest du deine stadt?

Hello, in level 9 the audio for “Er ist jemand, dem ich glaube.” Gave “Er ist früh.” For two successive attempts today.

Also, I’m curious about two sentences also in Level 9… “Du bist toll” and “Ihr seid toll” which both translate “toll” to “wonderful”. In multiple courses on both Duo or Memrise, I have never seen “wonderful” even listed as a secondary meaning of “toll”, after “great” which seems to be the primary, and most common translation.

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I have changed the sentence (don’t know how the relative pronoun sentence ended up there, it belongs much further down) And you are correct about “toll” so I have changed that as well. Let me know if you find anything else.

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Dankeschön @lone_star!

Do you know if this then updates if one has already downloaded the course for offline use? (A general question I have about how Memrise operates.)

I am not sure about that as I do not use the offline function.

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Hallo Lone_Star, in the sentence “Der Berg ist toll” there is a problem with the 3 audio options quiz as it marks the audio for the sentence incorrect. Maybe soemthing happened when you corrected for the “toll” issue above??? Thanks!

I looked into it and the audio was correct. It could be a problem with memrise itself. I deleted the audio just in case. Let me know if anything else weird happens.

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On level 32 Dative pronouns, there appears to be an error. Ice gehe mit Ihnen. Ihnen with a capitol I means you formal in the dative, not them; ihnen, lower case i means them.

Ich gehe mit Ihnen, does not mean
I am going with them. it means I am going with you formal dative.


Why are the beginning of sentences lower case and don’t all have punctuation? Can you fix that?

Fixed. Sorry for taking so long to do so, the notification must have ended up in my Junk mail folder.

Which sentences in which levels?

Hi lone_star

I’m not sure if you’re still updating this course. But if you are it would be really cool if you added some of the new sentences using the subordinating conjuctions weil, wenn, and dass, to Level 23 Conjunctions that are now in duolingo.

Thank you very much for creating this course also.


Hi Lewis, I am always open to suggestions for the course. The course hasn’t been updated since the release of the crowns system on Duolingo. I have added some subordinating conjunction sentences to the course now and I will add more when I have time (I’m learning Danish at the moment so my focus is on that) Thanks for the message and if you see anything else you would like to see added just write me again.

I appreciate that. Thanks.

All the other lessons so far have been fine (cover all the important word combinations) without any updates.

Hi again :slight_smile: I’ve put together the new conjunction phrases that I’d like to have as well. There’s quite a few but I hope that’s OK. Thank you so much if you can add them!

Wenn er nicht kommt, gehen wir nicht.
If he does not come, we do not go.

Und wenn er dich hört?
And if he hears you?

Da ich Hunger habe, esse ich.
Since I am hungry, I am eating.

Da ich keinen Hunger habe, esse ich nicht.
Since I am not hngry, I am not eating.

Wir schwimmen, da wir Fische sind.
We swim, since we are fish.

Da er uns mag, mögen wir ihn.
Because he likes us, we like him.

Wir laufen, obwohl wir müde sind.
We are running even though we are tired.

Ich esse es, obwohl ich es nicht mag.
I am eating it although I do not like it.

Ich komme, sobald ich ihn habe.
I am coming as soon as I have him.

Er rennt, sobald er dich sieht.
He runs as soon as he sees you.

Sobald sie Wasser hat, trinkt sie.
As soon as she has water she drinks.

Solange wir schnell sind, rennen wir.
As long as we are fast, we run.

Solange er spielt, ist er gesund.
As long as he is playing, he is healthy.

Ich esse nicht, sondern ich trinke.
I do not eat, but I drink.

Das ist kein Bett, sondern ein Sofa.
That is not a bed, but a couch.

Sie trägt keinen Rock, sondern einen Mantel.
She is not wearing a skirt, but a coat.

Ich heiße nicht Hans, sondern Karl!
My name is not Hans, but Karl!