[Course Forum] Duolingo French by Artygirl and ruinchristmas

Please post here with any suggestions, concerns, or error reports about my Duolingo French course on Memrise.

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I was going though the Idioms skill, at the English translation for Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre is something like “No need to worry. It won’t get things any further,” which is not a saying I’ve ever heard before. I’m not sure what Duolingo expects, but I was wondering if “Good things come to those who wait” is perhaps a more appropriate translation.

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Level 6 Adjectives. It could be me, but the audio file for “seul” sounds like “son”.

In Pluperfect verbs the part participle of appeler is spelt appellé, it should only have one l.

Also in Pluperfect; “tu avais retourné”, this is incorrect, it should be “tu étais retourné” when being used without an object.

Same problem in Subjunctive Verbs; “il ait passé” should be “il soit passé” when being used intransitively.

Level 19, One of the female pronunciations of “Long” is wrong. Sounds like “ilo” or something.

Level 22 the baby—le bébé does not take le bébé as an answer, even though it says the correct answer is le bébé. This happens on the typing test.

On the off chance that someone is reading this before starting the course; heed my advice and do not undertake this course.
It has the potential to be great, but as of present it is far from it. It is of low quality in general and seems too much like someone just threw everything duolingo gave them in a flashcard without any consideration for utility, sense or accuracy. There are too many errors; many obvious, some not so much so that they will only become apparent once you truly learn French more. It is riddled with bad memory tactics like interference (i.e. exact same definitions for multiple words that you just have to take pot luck with) and long sentences (plain terrible for memorization purposes). It’s also wholly unsupported, apparently.

The biggest discouragement should probably be the fact that this course is based on the old French tree, which was updated almost two years ago, which says it all. You are better off making your own flash cards as you go, it will do you the world of good (and use Anki if you’re serious about learning). Just stay away from this course, you will regret it otherwise.

There are two 'un’s on level 1 sometimes, and I don’t know which one is right. Thus, I often choose the wrong one. Also, when asked to translate ‘boy’, simply ‘garçon’ should be accepted.

It’s the same thing with ‘fille’, and probably other words too

In the “Possessives 1” level, could put the whole word instead of just the first letter, example :
(Informal, Singular) instead of (i, s). The abbr are confusing especially if you speed run.
Some are even more confusing like (f) female or formal ? I know it’s a lot to go through them, but please do so!

In ‘Verbs 3’ level, some verbs ought to be in the pronominal (reflexive) form rather than the intransitive form, (e.g : se bronzer NOT bronzer) We say “Je me bronze”, you don’t sunbathe others. also “se promener”, etc…